Feb 24, 2020
Leave It to Claire
Posted by Tracey Bateman

A modern day single mother creates a to do list to fix the mess she s made of her life Will she realize the only way to truly grow is to let go of her own plans and listen to God

  • Title: Leave It to Claire
  • Author: Tracey Bateman
  • ISBN: 9780446696081
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leave It to Claire A modern day single mother creates a to do list to fix the mess she s made of her life Will she realize the only way to truly grow is to let go of her own plans and listen to God

    Deborah Robb

    This is the book club book of the month. The book is a quick read. I woke up at 3 a.m. Saturday morning and having slept for several hours already, I didn't have any hope of going back to sleep so I read until I needed to get up and make breakfast at 6 a.m. I finished reading it while watching the Red Sox kick the Colorado Rockies out of the park. I must admit I was so engrossed in the book at one point that I missed three runs and the excitement over it. My husband was stunned that I could bloc [...]


    Could you be friends with your unfaithful ex-husband’s new wife? The main character in Leave It To Claire struggles with this predicament.I really enjoyed this book. The author has the perfect voice for chicklit(or momlit, not sure about the correct way to categorize this story). The story is about Claire Everett, a fairly successful romance author and the struggles she has to go through to raise her four kids as a single mother. Claire struggles to forgive her ex-husband, Rick, for his infide [...]

    Nora St Laurent

    My heart connected with Claire a single mom, and her publishing journey. Claire learns to pick up the broken pieces of her life and cope the best way she can. She can laughin spite of herself.After a surgery Claire faces the reality of how disconnected she has become while immersed in her career. Claire’s’ kids have grown distant while she was working hard, in the meantime her mother has decided to move away, and her life was spiraling out of control.Claire comes to the conclusion that she c [...]


    I sort of fell into this book accidentally. I bought it on a sales racvk a few years ago and just recently found it in a box. Had I known ahead of time that it was a Christian novel I woul dhave skipped it. Having said that, it was not bad. A little heavy on the religion, but not too bad. It was a light read, didn't really leave me with much to think about, but it was enjoyable enough that I kept going back to it.


    If I could I would have given this book a 3.5 stars. It was an entertaining read that often was comical too. It focuses on the life of Claire, a well-known author, and that of her four kids. She has to take six weeks off of writing when she has to have surgery on her arms. The story takes you through all of Claire's discoveries during this time of reflection. This is a fairly light read and I would recommend it if you want an easy to read book :)


    The story was good, but I was not a fan of the protagonist/narrator.


    It was an unexpected story that enjoyed reading!


    I don't even know where this book came from. I just found it on the shelf in my home library. Somebody probably gave it to me because my name is Claire. With that being said, it wasn't a terrible book but it wasn't something I would ever read again. I don't know how I find myself reading Christian romance books, but I'm not a huge fan of them. This one had a few good points and a few really annoying ones. Other than that not terrible.


    plot summary: what happens, when & where, central characters, major conflicts[return]clare is a single mom who can't believe all the trouble her life is bringing her. her kids are smart-mouthed and distant, her husband seems smug in his new marriage, his new wife wants to be her best friend, clare's doctor says she needs carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists, and her mother is moving to texas. clare's tendancy is to focus on her own problems and shut everyone else out, but some pointed advice [...]


    I liked this book, both the story and the writing. I read th rest of the series as well, and while each successive title was less enjoyable, I still would have read more about the character, if the series had continued. The biggest problem I had with the book, is similar to many of this genre- christian or not- and that is that the amount of time spent chastisibg the cheated upon wife for her lack of forgiveness, is exponentially more than is spent on the cheater: feeling; expressing behaving; a [...]


    This book was recommended to me by a friend for work as casual vacation reading, with a Christian twist. There were definitely Christian references, although to a Christian culture that is foreign to my own. I didn't find the tone that humorous, actually, because I didn't much like the first person narrator. I disagreed with some of her parenting decisions and reactions, and couldn't get into her abiding bitterness over her 5 year old divorce from an adulterous husband. I'm deeply grateful to no [...]


    I found Claire to be rather refreshing as the heroine of a Christian fiction series. She is far from perfect, makes mistakes with her kids and her life in general. Claire is a successful author trying to raise her four children and deal with her anger at ex-husband Rick while facing carpal tunnel surgery. The surgery will sideline her writing for a while so Claire is determined to improve her life during this hiatus from work. God is working in Claire's life as she deals with unbelievably sweet [...]


    Claire is a divorced woman with four children. In this book, she comes to terms with her life, her divorce, and basically turns her entire life around. It’s very similar to book 28, but I think Claire comes across much more true to life. The book actually did make me cry at the end, so I was excited to see that there is a sequel coming out. I will be interested to see how a sequel will continue, however, since I felt like this book wrapped itself up quite nicely.

    Amy Brooks

    This book is utter trash. I will admit, I'm a fan of the trashy, brit-lit girl loses boy, gets new and better boy stories. But this piece of trash was not even worth reading (yet I did)! It's a stupid, predictable story about a bitter divorcee oh, but she's a Christian and throws some scripture in there too. I was horrified to find out that there are 2 more follow up books to this one. I will NOT be reading them.


    For some reason this book really resonated with me, which is odd because I haven't been through anything like the main character. But I was really able to relate to her and the feelings she expressed throughout the book. I saw much of myself in Claire to the point that I actually cried several time while reading. The writer definitely captured the human emotions perfectly! Not everything is cut and dried as a Christian and it was refreshing to read a book that illustrated that so clearly.

    Julie Malcolm

    Claire is not too likeable. She's self absorbed, angry and bitter. She is however, very recognisable and that's what makes this such a great book. We see her grow through the issues she faces and in all this is quite a thought provoking read. I totally get not wanting to be best buds with your ex husband's wife even if she is someone you would like in other circumstances.I like the author's writing style and will probably look out for her in future.


    my first "christian chic-lit" series. soap-operish but i enjoyed them anyway. :> i especially liked that the struggles claire has are very real christian challenges. it helped me find more areas in my life that need work and the motivation to improve. the second and third books were also good but i liked the first beste also wrote the "drama queen' series. they were probably 3-3.5ad a western series of hers and was bored to tears.

    Kath Tayco

    This book is some-kind of funny and relevant to a single mom,juggling her work being a famous writer and doing her duties being a mom of four kids.Being left behind by her own mom,she tries to be an hands-on mom to her four children and to have a good relationship with her ex-husband who is now happily married with his new wife Darcy


    I really liked this book. The author is religious, not bombarding the reader with it, but definitely keeping her book clean with characters who generally want to be good. It's about a single mother trying to raise her teens. The sarcasm that the main character had throughout the book had me laughing out loud a couple of times. Fun read.


    This was a quick read for me. I felt connected with the main character. Understanding her pain, her anger. Like the main character, I have a hard time differentiating with the ex-husband's new wife with the women he cheated with during the marriage. All in all, I thought it was a good read. Onto book number 2!


    This was a book I bought at the library; I didn't even realize until I started reading it that it is a 'Christian fiction' book (that's not a bad thing, just an FYI!) It's a good 'mom' story and I enjoyed it; I also noticed at the end that there is a sequel called 'Claire knows best' so I am going to read that one too.


    This is a Christian book but it was not at all sweet and soppy like they sometimes are. Just a real woman with real problems, hurts, unforgiveness, divorce, etc. and I loved it. I bought two at a bookshop sale at the church. This was the first and I'm planning to dig into all this author's books after I finish the second one.


    Even though I didn't know this was a "Christian" fiction book or part of a series (yay), I'm glad I picked this up.The writing shows great wit - it made me laugh! I can't wait to read the sequels.


    This is along the same line as yada yada in terms of easy reading. Not quite as engaging though. It focuses on just one family and the things that come up in their life. It's the kind of book where you know at the end that everything is going to work out o.k.


    I only vaguely remember reading this. I do remember liking it.


    All I can say is that this book should have been a bestseller. It's a really good and gripping book. I recommend it to all.


    light - hearted read


    This book was funny and I could'nt wait to read the next book.


    It was a quick and easy read! I enjoyed it! Claire was relatable and I couldn't help think about my own 'issues' when reading about hers. I would read more books by this author.

    Danielle Lozada Massa

    Surprisingly good! I ate this book up!

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