Feb 21, 2020
Clouded Rainbow
Posted by Jonathan Sturak

Roger Belkin, an educated businessman and devoted husband, takes the love of his life, Lois, out for a night of intimacy in the sprawling city On their return home, a mysterious rainstorm devours their vehicle and inflames a horrific multi car accident, which tears the couple apart Alone, destitute, and disoriented, Roger battles the city s shadows, the trigger happy polRoger Belkin, an educated businessman and devoted husband, takes the love of his life, Lois, out for a night of intimacy in the sprawling city On their return home, a mysterious rainstorm devours their vehicle and inflames a horrific multi car accident, which tears the couple apart Alone, destitute, and disoriented, Roger battles the city s shadows, the trigger happy police, and his own tragic flaws to find his lost wife Praise for Clouded Rainbow This is a good airport book for a fast trip and it may even appear in a made for TV film Top 10 reviewer The story is tightly written, and powerfully told It catches your attention and doesn t let you go It is a story of hope and perseverance It is truly a 5 star novel Top 200 reviewer Sturak has a good imagination, which is evident in the original plot of this story RT Book Reviews Emotional, chilling and definitely not what I expected Senior Reviewer MidWest Book Review

  • Title: Clouded Rainbow
  • Author: Jonathan Sturak
  • ISBN: 9780982589403
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clouded Rainbow Roger Belkin an educated businessman and devoted husband takes the love of his life Lois out for a night of intimacy in the sprawling city On their return home a mysterious rainstorm devours thei


    Kindle.What a thing of potential beauty you are. And yet also a double edged sword. Clouded Rainbow was imported directly into my thinky thing via the medium of Kindle. A free e-book? What could be nicer? I'll tell you. A free e-book that has been well edited. Kindle is a double edged sword for all writers as well, whether they have realised it or not. The note-taking and highlighting system means that reviewers, both kind and cruel, paid and unpaid can now make easy use of this facility, taking [...]

    Richard Derus

    I made it 11% into this Kindleing belch-inducing indigestibility before bulimia set in and I had to stop.Really a shame, too, because I like the idea of a man and wife whose car accident gives them simultaneous amnesia and whose rescuers, being separated by time and distance (his damaged body remains in the car, hers is thrown free and reasonably unharmed), don't connect the two in their minds, leading to a search for each other with no idea of why they're separated.In better edited hands, this [...]


    Ugh. "electronic beeps from the enraged microwave stabbed Carol's sensitive ears."Why was this microwave so pissed off? Just one sample of overly-dramatic prose from this clunker.


    This is NOT a thriller.Way too overdescriptive, to the point where it got boring and I had to skip some paragraphs. And, come on, it was so unbelievable! Roger left the hospital and no one noticed? Machines beep, staff notices! He had just been in a serious accident and he could just leave like that? His injuries let him cross the city? The whole police department was after him for some minor disturbances?


    This bookwas just not good.I'm not sure if I was supposed to be on Roger's side throughout the events of the book, but I found him to be insufferable, classist, and obsessive (not in a good way). (view spoiler)[ The novel opens with a long exposition of how intelligent, handsome, loving, and good at everything he does Roger is. But I just found him insufferable. It was all show and no tell. Roger looked down on people who are homeless (calling them bums, losers, derelicts, weasels) as though the [...]


    Got this as a freebie on ebookfling. Very overwritten, melodramatic story. Some compelling elements, lousy over romanticized ending. Seems like a student practicing to write a novel.


    I seriously went through this entire book thinking it was written by someone in middle or high school. However, upon completing the book and seeing the "About the Author" section state that he is a graduate of Penn State University, I was actually surprised. This book is terrible.For Example:"Det. Cleveland had a logical, mathematical mind and solved his cases by deducing the truth from the facts presented. He didn't believe in magic or the paranormal and knew that every crime had a criminal" Pg [...]

    Jonathan Sturak

    I have learned to Never Give Up


    I downloaded this book as a free book on kindle. I figured it was only right that I should write a review for this book as a courtesy for the author's generosity. So here it is.Judging from the many reviews it received, there are more than enough information about this book available all over the place. So I will make it short and sweet as possible.Roger and Lois Belkin are celebrating their wedding anniversary in a poshy restaurant. A terrible rainstorm raged outside when they set out for home [...]


    A Pretty Solid First NovelCLOUDED RAINBOW is a fast paced little story about love and devotion and the extremes to which one can go to follow the heart. The action involves a happily married couple who happen to be involved in a strange car versus truck accident that separates the two physically, each fearing the other dead, until the end of the struggle to survive spells out a degree of devotion that is credible yet amazing in its resilience. It would appear this is the first novel by Jonathan [...]


    I wasn't sure what to expect with this book? Was it going to be paranormal? Was it going to be a mystery? What was going to happen?Though it turned out to not be anything like I expected it, I liked it. And yes, I liked the ending as well, because that isn't something you see very often. It was fast paced (though it took me forever to read it because I was only able to do a few pages at a time) and really kept you on the edge of your seat. What was going to happen to the two main characters as t [...]

    Roger DeBlanck

    Jonathan Sturak pulls off quite an achievement with this exhilarating romantic suspense novel. Roger and Lois Belkin are a devoted couple. On their anniversary, they become seriously injured in a horrible car accident, where each of them suffers head trauma. During the emergency response at the scene, they are rushed to different hospitals. This unfortunate separation ignites a series of nerve-wracking events that have life-shattering results. Sturak manages to keep the pace moving at rapid spee [...]


    Never ever have I read a book that made me sob like a blubbering idiot (no lies :D).I can't believe the way it ended and I don't think that I can even look or read another book like this. I am a real hopeless romantic at heart and always expect the happy ever after, but Roger and Lois Belkin *sobs some more*.Okay I don't know what I expected from this book but not something like this. The beginning to end just took me further into the story. I had doubts about what was happening to Roger and my [...]

    Kimberly Mauldin

    This story is not easily forgotten. Stuark has put together a true possibility of occurrences and related them in order to put them into a genre that is not usually read by me. A friend recommended this book and I debated long and hard about whether or not to read it. However, once I finally started it, I could not let go of it. This is the story of Roger and Lois Belkin. Deeply in love and celebrating, caught up in a horrendous accident, they are separated. Roger only has a partial memory longi [...]


    I really liked this story. Roger and his wife are celebrating their anniversary at a restaurant and on the way home an 18-wheeler loses control and there's a huge pile up on the bridge that leads to their house. This story is the adventure Roger has to go through to get to his wife, Louis, after waking up in a different hospital and no one being able to tell him exactly what happened. The end - oh my God the end - not what I expected at all. My heart was beating rapidly through the whole story a [...]

    Angel **Book Junkie**

    This book earns one star only because it was free! I couldn't do it. I did not like it and I only wanted it to end. It took me 4 days (to me that is a lifetime) to even read this book because nothing I mean nothing held my attention. The writing was dramatic in places where I do not believe that it was intended and I caught myself many times with my Kindle on my chest asleep. I NEVER fall asleep reading. Hey but what does my opinion count for?? It doesn't so go out and try to read this.


    Not well written- didn't make it past 13% on my kindle. Stilted writing, unlikeable & poorly formed characters.

    Christine Redlin

    A page turner a love story at its core!


    This book was wonderful. I wasn't able to put it down. I read it in one afternoon. I would highly recommend.


    Freebie 10/28/2012


    I would recomend this book it has alot of twists and turns and the end was unexpected.

    Michelle Mingus

    Fast readClouded Rainbows is a short book filled with a heart wrenching struggle of a man and woman separated by unfortunate events. The writer encourages you to feel the intense need for them to be reunited!

    Linda Peckman

    This was a fantastic love story of determination with an ending you don't see coming. I have re-read this book several times and I enjoy it more each time. I have recommended this book to several people who have enjoyed it as much as I have. Loved it!


    The story was good. A thought-provoking concept. The delivery was a bit dull. I still give it 3.

    Melissa Levine

    I found both Roger and Lois full of themselves. They were both vain, hence I wasn't really a fan of this story. I mean I didn't feel connected to this story whatsoever either to the characters or anything. It was really boring, there wasn't really much going on. I found myself mainly skimming through this story hoping for something to happen. The story idea was interested but that was it.So rain is considered a 'living being?'At the beginning when Roger is walking down road he sees a vehicle hea [...]


    Clouded Rainbow is a free Kindle e-book with a pretty interesting cover which was what initially had attracted my attention. That and the whole 'free' thing. Anyway, the basic plot is that a couple who is very much in love with each other wind up separated after a tragic accident, thus prompting the man to try finding his wife. Overall, this plot held an awful lot of promise but unfortunately, Sturak didn't really deliver.The book starts off talking about Roger Belkin, an incredibly successful, [...]


    This. Book. Is. Horrible. The author is apparently a materialistic twelve year old girl who writes stories for materialistic nine year old girls.

    Misty Baker

    “Devotion” is a part of life. We see it in movies, hear about it from co-workers, experience it in literature, and dream of it in our own lives, but at what point does devotion become manic?Roger loves his wife, and (with the expectation of coming home from work at a decent hour) would do anything for her, but after a freak rainstorm and horrific accident, being there for Lois isn’t exactly an option anymore. Why? Because he has no idea where she it. Separated by chaos the two are sent to [...]

    J.W. Cunningham

    Roger Belkin, an educated businessman and devoted husband, takes the love of his life, Lois, out for a night of intimacy in the sprawling city. On their return home, a mysterious rainstorm devours their vehicle and inflames a horrific multi-car accident, which tears the couple apart. Alone, destitute, and disoriented, Roger battles the city's shadows, the trigger-happy police, and his own tragic flaws to find his lost wife.While the premise of this book was excellent, the writing of the book was [...]

    Tracey Madeley

    I believe this is the first novel by this author and as no one creates their best work at their first attempt the reader should keep this in mind. The novel is referred to as a thriller by the author, but I would put it in the romance category. It also boasts 100,000 downloads, but that could be because it is offered for free over a long period of time.It is the story of Roger and Lois Belkin and how an accident changes their lives. I imagine the detective is meant to be central to the story as [...]

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