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My bike My cut The club Three things I love most in life But, my club brother, Magnus is f cking dead And he left behind his legacy A daughter he d been searching for I found her For him What I don t expect is to keep her For me Holy F ck Beautiful is an understatement Raven hair, firm round ass, and an attitude to rival any f ck head in my club Talon s arrivMy bike My cut The club Three things I love most in life But, my club brother, Magnus is f cking dead And he left behind his legacy A daughter he d been searching for I found her For him What I don t expect is to keep her For me Holy F ck Beautiful is an understatement Raven hair, firm round ass, and an attitude to rival any f ck head in my club Talon s arrival in Brently brings up the question everyone has been silently mulling over for months Was Magnus death a set up And who s to f cking blame We never expect the answers lay within our club Betrayal among the brothers is heavy and no one can be trusted The ride ahead will be LONG and HARD, but know I have to protect Talon To keep her safe Then I will claim her Make her f cking mine If you love dirty talking heroes who love their MC as much as their women, one click this insta love novella now Mick is a standalone MC Romance No cliffhangers, just kindle melting happily ever afters

  • Title: Mick
  • Author: K.B. Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mick My bike My cut The club Three things I love most in life But my club brother Magnus is f cking dead And he left behind his legacy A daughter he d been searching for I found her For him What I don t


    After the death of her mother Talon Ashbee believed she was all alone in the world then she discovers her father actually died nine months earlier but had spent the last twenty-three years looking for her. After his death a friend continued his search finally finding Talon.Although Talon never gets to meet her father she discovers she's inherited his house and diner and so with her current life a mess she packs up and moves to the small California town of Brently on the Mexican border. She meets [...]


    Well, I had high hopes for this but it just didn't live up to my expectations. I liked that it was insta-love but even this was a bit ridiculous. The heroine catches her fiancé with her best friend banging on her kitchen table.back. So gross and gross. This prompts the heroine to make the decision to leave and go live in the house her father left her at his death, a father she never knew. Here she meets the hero, Mick. There's the immediate attraction and they start banging pretty quickly. But [...]


    Talon Ashbee is through with her now ex boyfriend and now ex best friend, she finds out that the father she never knew anything about has passed away and she has inherited his home. Packing up and moving, she meets Mick right away, he is part of her father's club CAOS MC and it is not long before they are acting on the attraction they have for one another. However, there are members of the club that have other motives to keep them apart.I liked the concept of this one but wanted answers for Talo [...]


    3.5 STARS


    Mick is the first book in the Caos MC series by KB Winters.The beautiful, sassy, smart and sweet Talon Ashbee was the long lost daughter of a man she didn't know existed until nine months after he died. He left her everything so she came to the small Southern California town to claim the house and diner that she now owned.Mick was the MC brother that took over tracking her down after his mentor and surrogate father died. He vowed to complete the task that his MC brother had spent two decades try [...]


    You’d never know that this was KB Winters’ first MC romance. Mick was a great blend of grittiness, suspense, humour, action and steam. Mick and Talon were super-HOT together and somehow amidst the requisite crassness, violence and dirty dealings that we expect from a great MC romance, there was a lightheartedness and sweetness to Mick and Talon’s relationship. I absolutely loved Mick and I’m really looking forward to reading more CAOS books. Standalone. HEA. No cliffhanger.

    Shari Kay

    Read the samplet for me


    ARC review For honest review. talon mother and father are both died and she never meets her father till she is in formed that he died and was looking for her e goes to bed Brentley to get what he left her. Nick rides with her father with chaos MC but things don't add up about his death they go looking esome story


    Just ok, short insta love and drama. Something to pass the time. New author and free if you have K.U. don't waste 99¢ otherwise. Typical m.c. story skanks, cheating in beginning, HEA no cliffhanger. No epilogue


    I liked the idea and thought that Talon was a great lead but there wasn't time enough for me to like her relationship with Mick. He seemed to run hot and cold too much to be likeable.


    Mick (CAOS) MC Book 1)Talon is the long list daughter of the founder of California Outlaw Sentinel/Specialist Motorcycle Club. Upon Magnus death, in his will she was left a few acres and a diner. Talon quickly left Chicago for the west coast town of Brently where she meets another member of the CAPS named Mick. Talon & Mike get their HEA after some drama with members of the Cali club. A pretty 👍read.

    1.5 starsThis was such a speed read. Everything happened so quickly without any real connection to the characters or the reasoning on why they acted or thought as they did. This was a novella trying to be a novel and it wasn't good at being either.

    Sandy Knox

    WOW! I LOVED THIS! Mick is a big bad ass biker and Talon is a raven haired beauty. Talon's father was a member of CAOS MC and so is Mick. Talon finds out one day that her father that she'd thought had been dead for years had died and he left her his house his land and a diner. All her life her mother told her that her father Magnus was dead and now he really was and all she wanted was just to meet him once and now even her mother was dead so she couldn't even ask her about him. So when she finds [...]

    Valeen Robertson

    Mick has KB Winters' trademark sexiness, plus some gritty (but not too OTT) MC dealings. Talon has just learned that the father she had thought died before she was born, has died and left her an inheritance. Couple that surprise with the fact that Talon came home and found her boyfriend banging her (former) best friend, and Talon has about had it with her life. So, she kicks the two cheaters out of her apartment, sells everything and heads out across the country to go see what her father has lef [...]


    This book was written by an amazing writer and author. KB did such a great job with bringing together two people that had one person in common without even knowing each other in the beginning.When Talon gets word that her father Magnus has past away and left her a house and diner in California she is totally blown away because her mother had told her that her father had past away when she was a kid She rushes home to talk to her boyfriend about what she should do. Talon walks in her place and no [...]

    Tracie Simister

    I gave this Book a rating of 5 ✩’sTitle: MickSeries: (CAOS MC Book 1)Genre: MC RomanceAuthor: KB WintersFormat: Kindle eBookPublished on: Jun 24, 2017>-< >-< >-< >-< >-<>-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-<Character’s Descriptions:Mick, all that matters to him are his cut, his club and his bike. Then the man who saved him winds up dead.Talon was under the impression that her father has been dead for over 20 years. Imag [...]


    I enjoyed this book and devoured it in one sitting. I wasn’t once bored and was satisfied with the ending. Can I just say; the heroines name in this book is kickass! I have never read a book with a heroines name being as unique as it was. I have read books in the past where the hero’s name is Talon but never a heroine. I love Talon’s attitude. She is carefree and easy to love. She is so laid back! The chemistry between Talon and Mick was clear to see. I liked them as a couple and was rooti [...]

    Lin ( Nerdy Bookworm)

    >>>>>>I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Review Copy of this book<<<<<<Talon Ashbee is in despair after receiving a letter from a lawyer notifying her that her father has died. It is a shock to her after twenty-three years of hearing her father died before her birth from her mother. The letter identifies a house, land and diner she inherited in Brently California. She was struggling with the decision to go until walking in on her best friend and boyfriend havin [...]


    Talon moves to the small town of Brentley to the house that her Dad left her when he died after she walks in and finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. Hoping to start over, Talon also inherits a diner where she meets the woman (Charlie) that was in love with her Dad, Magnus. Charlie works at the diner and she immediately takes to Talon and she also becomes best friends with Minx who Magnus saved along with his club before he died. Magnus looked for Talon for over 20 years and [...]


    Once again KB doesn't disappoint. This is a great read, written well, loved the storyline and the characters. I am so looking forward to the next book in the series. Talon has nobody else in her life. Her mother just passed away from cancer and her mother told her that her father has been dead since she was small. She just received news that her father just passed away 9 months ago, her dad has been looking for her for all of these years and he left her his house and diner in Brently California. [...]

    Rebecca Grove

    Talon is having a life changing day. First she gets news from a lawyer that her father just died and left her his house and diner. Talon had been told by her mom that her dad died before she was born so this was a big shock. She goes home to find her live-in boyfriend having sex with her best friend in her kitchen. Feeling betrayed she breaks things off and moves to see the inheritance from her father. Mick was in the the same MC as her dad and a good friend of him. He continues the search for h [...]


    Talon's mother always kept hush hush about Talon's dad. But, when an attorney contacts her about her dad's death, she's saddened that her mother would keep him from her. Apparently, she now owns a house and a diner near Mexico. She goes home to tell her boyfriend the news, she finds him in the kitchen with her best friend, in a most embarrassing situation. She kicks him out and leaves town to where her father lived.Mick is a member of the CAOS MC and has been trying to locate Magnus' daughter. S [...]

    Julie Kirby

    Loving CAOS MCI've read this all backwards! I read Roddick, first, thoroughly enjoyed it too! Then Mick, which had been equally enjoyable.I think I'll read them in order from here on out! Talon, what A lovely girl, with an amazing heart, even though she has been denied certain people from her life! Dealt with cheating ex's and supposed best friends! But she makes her way to Brently, and learns all about family, and not necessarily blood related! She meets Mick, and we get two great people who ge [...]

    Meghann Alford

    Wow!  Love this new direction KB Winters is taking by venturing into the world of MC romance.  Talon grew up thinking her dad was dead her whole life. Then she finds out he was actually alive until recently. He left her a house and a dinner and she decides to check it out. Mick is a member of the CAOS MC that Talon's dad was in and is the welcoming committee. As soon as they meet the sparks start flying. Its not long before these to are in one passionate, sexy relationship. But there is troubl [...]

    Elysian Fields

    I LOVED this story and I am so excited for this author to write more about this world. The story started out a bit heartbreakingly but then fast delved into the sweet hotness that would remain throughout the rest of the story. I loved Mick and felt that he was an amazing character. He was sweet when he was with his woman and hard with his MC. He was loyal, determined and trustworthy. Talon (fantastic name!) was a strong woman determined to make a better life for her. She trusted who she is and w [...]

    Jennifer Finn

    This is the first book in the CAOS MC series by K.B. Winters. Talon is 23 years old, her Mother always told her that her Father died before she was born. Her Mother died from cancer and Talon has just been contacted by an attorney who informs her that her Father passed away nine months ago. She's told he was trying to locate her since her birth and that he died before he could but a friend kept up the search and found her. She's inherited a house and a diner that are waiting for her in Brently, [...]


    Great Start to a New Series.lMick is a great start Winters' new series,. CAOS MC. The story is a novella and an insta-love love romance. The MC plotline is light, but still important and entertaining. The characters are wonderful, even the secondary. The connection between Mick and Talon, how they challenge each other. Their banter is cute and flirtatious. Instead of jumping in from day one like they were dying to do, they got to know each other at little bit. It was Talon's idea, and one of the [...]


    This book was a short simple read.It stuck to a fairly simple plot that you saw coming from the beginning. We didn't receive much character development, it was very insta-like but I did not feel much passion from the characters that said it was enjoyable for what it was. Granted the author states this was her first time writing an MC book so for what it was, it was pretty good.There was no surprises in this story it is what it is and if that's your cup of tea then you'll enjoy this one. I do rec [...]


    Talon leaves Chicago and moves to Brently to claim the house and diner she inherited from a father she thought was long dead after walking in on her boyfriend and best friend doing it. Talon thought she wasn't a very sexual person, until she met the sexy Mick. CAOS MC Treasurer Mick misses his mentor Magnus and is determined to find out the truth behind his suspicious death. Mick continued Magnus' search for his daughter after his death and is blown away by the feisty raven haired beauty when sh [...]

    Jessica Mitchell

    MickKB WintersOhhh a hot MC romance that could vibrate your socks off.A young woman whose lost all her family and one she didn't even know about. A man who still thinks of his mentor and what went down was just plain fishy. And a romance that will bloom as soon as boy meets girl.Mick is the Treasurer of the California Outlaw Sentinel. He suspects foul play in the death of his mentor Magnus. Always has since it happened. Magnus never should of got shot like he did, being a decorated Navy Seal and [...]

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