Feb 24, 2020
Lucifer, Vol. 5: Inferno
Posted by Mike Carey Peter Gross Ryan Kelly Dean Ormston Craig Hamilton

From the pages of THE SANDMANLucifer Morningstar returns to Hell in this fifth collection of the acclaimed LUCIFER series, reprinting issues 29 35 Still weak, with most of his power locked in the feathers stolen by Susano O No Mikoto, Lucifer must now face the challenge of single combat to the death with his brother, the angel of the Host Amenadiel But as Mazikeen huFrom the pages of THE SANDMANLucifer Morningstar returns to Hell in this fifth collection of the acclaimed LUCIFER series, reprinting issues 29 35 Still weak, with most of his power locked in the feathers stolen by Susano O No Mikoto, Lucifer must now face the challenge of single combat to the death with his brother, the angel of the Host Amenadiel But as Mazikeen hunts for Susano and Lucifer plans his strategy, angels and devils alike are plotting for his defeat even before the challenge has begun This volume contains Lucifer 29 35

  • Title: Lucifer, Vol. 5: Inferno
  • Author: Mike Carey Peter Gross Ryan Kelly Dean Ormston Craig Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9781401202101
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lucifer Vol Inferno From the pages of THE SANDMANLucifer Morningstar returns to Hell in this fifth collection of the acclaimed LUCIFER series reprinting issues Still weak with most of his power locked in the feat


    I suppose every long series have to have low point.Volume 5 isn't necessary bad but it's not on par with rest of the series.

    Airiz C

    The spark of God's former lamplighter is dancing precariously in the middle of a gusty compromise. One false glide would mean hissing out of existence forever, and this time the embers are unlikely to rise again like the last time.what would Lucifer do?Inferno, the fifth volume in the Lucifer series, successfully wraps up everything for the first major story arc while setting up the stage for the next book.Lucifer Morningstar, after being brought back into existence with the help of Elaine Bello [...]


    Zhruba půlka sbírky popisuje vyvrcholení předchozí knihy - Luciferova návštěva pekla. Zajímavé, ale očekávání nenaplňuje. Jednosešitová povídka uprostřed na mě působila, jako bych četl Sandmana. Zatím asi úplně nejlepší kousek. Finální dvousešitová návštěva Lokiho byla nadprůměrná, takže nakonec za čtyři hvězdy.


    Given that we've been building up to it since Children and Monsters three volumes ago, it's not surprising that fully half of Carey's Inferno is dedicated to the long-promised duel between Lucifer and Amenadiel. And if Lucifer's a bit shaky on his pins after being mostly dead all day, then he's simply going to be that much more cunning to survive - at least long enough for Mazikeen to track and kill the god who's trapped Lucifer's power in his last surviving wingfeathers. (Just go with it, guys. [...]

    Christopher Reynolds

    This is my least favourite of the Lucifer volumes, mostly dealing with Lucifer's duel with Amenadiel, which is my least favourite arc of Lucifer - there's a whole bunch of villains, including Amenadiel, Susano o-no-mikoto, Mazikeen's husband (who is awkwardly introduced and just happens to have a plot-device that gives him access to the mind of God which he doesn't seem to have much use of himself), plus a few minor threats who are out to kill Lucifer. All of these enemies go down in a pathetic [...]


    I love the way Lucifer solves his problems with cleverness and doesn't even need his super powers to beat beings that have them. That is what makes him the hero of the books even though his moral compass is a little off-center. :) The plot always seems to put Lucifer in an impossible situation with an obvious solution that seems impossible and then a secondary surprise solution that he ends up using. I like how he tends to do things quietly with no explanation to those around him and it ends up [...]


    I'm kind of torn on this volume because the first four issues are great, Inferno is probably one of my favorite parts of the whole series. You would think at some point I would get tired of "Lucifer almost dies but at the last minute he doesn't and reveals that this was his brilliant plan all along" but I definitely don't. Also I love Duma. And Mazikeen. She's amazing. But then the next three issues - while still good - are really just there to set up the NEXT volume so it's like eh.


    Lucifer musí do pekla na sľúbený súboj s Amadielom. Susano o Mikato ho ale pripravil o všetku silu a utiekol s pierkami moci. Lucifer preto posiela Mazikeen za Susanom a sám sa vydáva do ríše, ktorú sám vytvoril, a opustil.



    Steven Werber

    Lucifer has a duel with an angel and he hasn't got his divine powers back yet.


    Lucifer’s fifth collection begins and ends with a promise. The first is a promise fulfilled: Lucifer returns to Hell to fulfill an oath to Amendield fight to the death. Still reeling from the events of “TheDivine Comedy,” and not at his full strength, Lucifer is additionally handicapped by the scheming not onlyof Amendiel and various factions of demonic nobility, but of Hells’ new ruler, the angel Remiel. It concludes with a promise of another sort. Lucifer is someone who does not like t [...]


    I have to say that this is probably my least favorite of the series so far. Which isn't really saying anything because I stayed up past my bedtime reading it, Mazikeen is still my personal hero, and Lucifer is still up to his usually charismatic, trickster self.I guess I got the feeling that this text was all about setting pieces in order for more substantial character arts and Awesome Happenings -- which is totally okay. Set-up whets the appetite for more. If every minute of everything was awes [...]


    By this point in the series, Lucifer had hit its stride. The central characters are, for the most part, laid out, the mythology more or less is mapped, and the artwork has stabilized between Peter Gross and Dean Ormston's very different penciling styles. This isn't to say new characters and such will not be introduced (as the apparently still-alive Biblical Solomon is here as final form of justice), but things are set up and are coming to heads.To start, Lucifer first must deal with his longtime [...]


    "Lucifer Vol. 5: Inferno" marks the conclusion of a major story arc: whatever happened to those wings of Lucifer? Last seen in the possession of Susano-O-No-Mikoto, they left the battlefields as the Basanos committed suicide, apparently into the mists of time (or whatever passes for cryptic walking-off- into-the-sunset in Lucifer's world anyway.) Lucifer duels with Amenadiel (both following the code duello)--that duel promised in "Lucifer Vol. 2: Children And Monsters", but sends his deputy, Maz [...]


    After Lucifer's bout with the Basanos, he is immediately called upon to answer the challenge of a duel issued a year prior. This would seem mundane and simple for the Morningstar, except that in the fight with the Basanos, Lucifer lost much of his power. On top of his unusual weakness his opponent, Amenadiel, has proceeded to cheat in this duel.In the process of fighting the pre-duel attacks on him, we see Lucifer injured in a mundane fashion which sets the mood for much of the book. Lucifer is [...]


    This book explored the realm that Lucifer 'created', how he played out his own version of Adam and Eve and his sole dictum to not worship anything or anyone. Again, this went deeper into Lucifer's personality and character, he is himself. Lucifer is the truest form of the Shakespearean adage 'to thine ownself be true', he never once swerves away from being fully what he is - the trickster who stands at the door and forces us to see ourselves as we are, not as we wish to be seen. He is the mirror [...]


    Despite having lost most of his power, Lucifer has a meeting to attend in Hell, and he prides himself on always keeping his word. He has been challenged to a duel by the angel Amenadiel and the time has come to fulfil that obligation. Meanwhile, his consort, and war-leader of the Lilim, Mazikeen, is on the track of the god who has the two feathers that contain this power.I found this story pretty riveting, with Lucifer's pride in never going back on his word being shown as a major weakness, but [...]


    There's a certain feeling of "resetting" that occurs in this book following the major events of volume 4, but it doesn't last very long. After a brief period of checking in and evaluating how the major characters are affected by the various changes, we get right back into the stuff I love most about this series: watching Lucifer be the most cunning evil mastermind of all time. We get that in spades here. It's like reading a fantastic con story, only instead of grifters and marks we have demons a [...]


    Lucifer prepares for his duel with Amenadiel in Hell while the nobility of Effrul we met in A Dalliance with the Damned scheme behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Mazikeen hunts down Susano-O-No-Mikoto and ends up having a run in with her husband Scoria who is planning on taking God’s place. Apparently, God is going to follow Lucifer’s example by abandoning his post.This volume also features Solomon, the famous judge from the Bible. In his appearance here, he’s more like Judge Dread. Loki from T [...]


    I've recently re-read the first three collected trade volumes of this series.I don't have Volume 4, and can't justify paying the prices seton e-boob for it, so I skipped from Volume 3 to Volume 5. I don't feel as if I've missed anything particularly important.Oh sure a minor character has died, some new (minor) characters are introduced, and I'm sure there must have been a story or two that I've missed. but it all seems so circular.Volume 5 doesn't introduce anything major to the plot and neithe [...]


    Selles köites keskendutakse Luciferi lubatud duellile Amenadieliga, mis leiab aset Põrgu osas (maakonnas? provintsis?) Effrulis, mille valitseja Lord Arux peab ühtlasi ka toimima neutraalse kohtunikuna. Luciferi mainet teades otsustavad nii mõnedki veidike suht kindlat tulemust - Luciferi võimu ja jõu atribuudid on endiselt hävinud ja ta esineb inimkujul - siiski veel kindlustada. Põrgu üks senistest valitsejates, ingel Remiel orgunnib palgamõrvari Luciferi kõrvaldamiseks.Pärast duel [...]

    Benjamin Shehu

    A fantastic take on Lucifer, the fallen one, and his stance towards both god and Michael his brother. A tale that both adds to the meaning of Sandman, but draws heavily from it too.While retired, Lucifer undertakes a job from Heaven, which grants him a letter of passage. This sets the universe on course for its end, and results with a new Creation, Lucifer's one, the death of Michael, but also the transfer of his powers into Elaine Belloc and of course Yahwehs quitting of his role, leaving his p [...]

    Nicholas Kaufmann

    Lucifer returns to Hell for his duel with Amendiel severely weakened by the recent attack against him; Mazikeen goes looking for the magic feathers that will restore Lucifer to full strength, and runs into a very dangerous ex-boyfriend; and Samson from the Bible investigates Elaine's death. However, the best story in this volume is the standalone "Bearing Gifts," in which a demon asks a devoutly religious man for help. It's touching and beautifully told. At this point, LUCIFER has become one of [...]


    I'm still loving this series. It took me awhile to get into the first issue in this collection as I couldn't remember all the details of the previous one but when I did I really liked it. This collection features three stories, one that sees Lucifer in a duel in hell, while the real fight takes place elsewhere. A story about demons and an old Jewish man that made me cry as it was just so lovely, and the hunt for the killers of the little angel girl. The last story was the weakest in that it felt [...]


    The fifth of the Lucifer series, this sees the end of the first big story arc. The artwork improves as the book progresses, as does the cohesion of the storyline. It's not the most successful of the collections, as these stories are grouped together because that was the order in which they were written, not because they form a distinct grouping in and of themselves; still, very worth reading, if only because Lucifer makes the most delicious of Anti Heroes (yes, the capital letters are required.) [...]

    Annette Jordan

    The time has come for Lucifer's duel against the angel Amenadial, and he is still in a weakened state, but that is not his only problem- an assassin from The House of Windowless rooms is in pursuit. Using his cunning to reveal treachery Lucifer is triumphant. The second half of the book sees Solomon investigating the death of Elaine, the child of the Archangel Michael who saved Lucifers life while Lucifer himself seeks out Loki and borrows a ship Another interesting and complex volume in a very [...]


    I liked this volume overall, however both the pace and the mood shifted. The excitement in The Divine Comedy tapered off and the mood became more solemn. Also, in this volume we see a follow up on some of the stories from volume 3, and the cruelty of guilt, which seems to be a main them of series. Lucifer does what he wants without the fetters of guilt and responsibility while others are damned by it.

    Rena Sherwood

    An uneven graphic novel in the Inferno series, where plot lines and narration can be difficult to determine at times. However, the story is true to the character of Lucifer presented so far in Sandman and in the previous 4 graphic novels. You absolutely have to read the previous 4 in order to make any sense of this. The artwork is luscious and at times truly disturbing. And, oddly enough, despite the subject matter this hasn't given me any nightmares.


    This could be a five-star book for just the idea of Solomon as a hard-boiled P.I. However, it does feel like a bit of a break in the story. The fight between Lucifer and Amenadiel is a bit of a letdown, given that it's pretty easy to predict that Christopher's box contains something other than just Lucifer's blood. Still it's nice to see Loki again, and even though it's not really part of the larger story, I like the "Bearing Gifts" vignette.

    Robert Beveridge

    Mike Carey, Lucifer: Inferno (Vertigo, 2003)The battle between Lucifer and Amanadiel is finally here, but, of course, nothing is what it seems. Lucifer's power is still tied up in the feathers held by Susanoo-no-Mikoto. Makizeen and the Lilim are off hunting for Susanoo, but there are more than enough enemies-- and allies-- in Hell to make Lucifer wonder if their power will be necessary. Wheels within wheels within wheels, as usual, and Carey pulls it off with aplomb. ****

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