Jun 05, 2020
Life on Base: Quantico Cave
Posted by Thomas P. Wise Nancy Wise


  • Title: Life on Base: Quantico Cave
  • Author: Thomas P. Wise Nancy Wise
  • ISBN: 9781633931381
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
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    Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

    The life of a military brat, the term by which a child of a defence personnel is known in the civvie street, is never easy. Being a parent of two such brats, I could easily appreciate the story by Tom and Nancy.The story is based on a set of kids whose parents are posted to a marine corp base at Quantico Cave. I will not elaborate further since I fear I might give away too much in the bargain. Let me simply say that military service across the world and irrespective of arm (Army, Navy, Air Force [...]


    Life on Base: Quantico Cave by Tom Wise is perfect for all ages. It’s a story of life on a military base from the perspective of middle-school-aged children (primarily boys).Having raised two boys, I really appreciated Wise’s portrayal of the boys (and one “tom-boy”). The scuffles, resolutions and friendship between adolescents are on target. Wise’s characters portray the usual cast of kids found in a neighborhood, a schoolyard or a military base: the bully, the honorable, mature kid, [...]


    **SPOILER FREE**Was pretty impressed with this book. Wasn't sure in the beginning how I would feel or if I would even finish it. The story flows real smooth. You don't miss a beat and you don't feel bounced around. The story line is remarkable as it sure hit close to home in my childhood. I do believe that I have found another author that I will be returning to for more future reads!*Received for an honest review*

    Chanticleer EditorialBook Reviews

    Life on Base: Quantico Cave is a riveting portrayal of the lives of children whose parents serve in the armed forces. Being a teenager is hard enough, but adding the constant uprooting and moving from base to base adds its own unique challenges as well as rewards.The story focuses around young Stephen, a “military brat”---a term that these children use to distinguish themselves from their civilian counterparts. Stephen finds himself uprooted once again from his most recent home in California [...]

    Justine Wach

    LIFE ON BASE: QUANTICOI chose the book because I thought the book is going to be interesting. I mean it is really interesting, at the beginning.You get the explanation and glimpse of what life on base is like which I think is a great way to make sure us the reader understand how their life works. I have read books that the author just get straight into the story and we the reader just get clueless how their life works.Their life as military people and involved in military is something new which [...]


    Life on Base: Quantico Cave is first in a projected series of middle school books and introduces Stephen, whose life on a military base is presented in exact detail. While many novels introduce the themes of 'army brats' interacting with their peers, few actually take the time to reveal base life itself, with all the uncertainties and altered realities that it brings.As an example of the latter: what non-base kid needs to know their parents' ranking? What civilian child lives in a world where ev [...]


    ‘Life on Base: Quantico Cave’ written by Tom & Nancy Wise was very interesting for me given I have never visit and don’t have a clue what is going within the fences of military base. Therefore the authors managed to surprise me with an interesting setting and intriguing theme.The main character Stephen is strong and determined boy aged twelve who grows on a military base. Therefore his life is very different than those other kids who don’t need to follow such strict procedures and di [...]

    Tara Nebeker

    Having never been in the military and knowing very little as to what goes on in the lives of those who live on base, I found Life On Base: Quantico cave to be both enlightening and intriguing. With a smooth pace and expressive cast, it showed quite a bit about life on base that I'd never known. Reading about Stephen's time on base also made me think of my own limits when it comes to my relations as well as how my actions and inaction can seriously affect people. The various dynamics between the [...]

    Julie Baswell

    Steven has been a military brat his entire life, and life on the base is the only life he’s ever known. His latest home base is at Quantico. After a storm moves through the area, Steven finds a cave, which will later cause a climactic event to happen involving him and his friends.I have never been an army brat, but was always fascinated with that type of life. This gave me an inside view of the upside of growing up in that environment, as well as the downside. The characters were fun to get to [...]

    Dana Busenbark

    What would it be like to live on a base? To have to ask what the rank of the parents are vs. what they do for a living? Do the children of the enlisted and the officers mix and mingle? Or do they have to stay to their respective group of peers? Both the Marines and the FBI training center are at Quantico. Which will this story be about? Or will it be about both? We meet Stephen, who is working on an orienteering task for the Marines. Who are Will, Stan, and Jimmy to Stephen? How do they know one [...]


    "Q" TownI just finished reading an excellent book, Life on Base: Quantico Cave by award-winning authors Tom and Nancy Wise that brought back a lot of mixed emotions. This cleverly written story takes place in a location that I am all to familiar with. This well-titled story, Life on Base: Quantico Cave unfolds on the hallowed grounds of Camp Quantico, home of USMC officers training as well as the FBI Acadamy. What a great historical location the authors have chosen for this book. The characters [...]

    Laura Scott

    The book starts with a prologue that explains for the reader some of the basics of what it's like as a military family living on base. For someone who isn't from a military family this was great information and was definitely helpful in setting the context for the book. The story itself starts out with the main character, 12 year old Stephen, in an orienteering competition against a couple of his friends. We see that he's hearing his Dad's voice in his head, reminding him of advice he's received [...]

    Sue Holmes

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