Feb 24, 2020
Dating on the Dork Side
Posted by Charity Tahmaseb Darcy Vance

Stung by an epic betrayal, Camy Cavanaugh relies on the sure things her best friend, her job as peer tutor, and her safe spot on the sidelines of life But when she hacks into a secret, trash talking website, it ignites a war between the sexes that won t end until the whole school is turned upside down and Camy s world is turned inside out.Now the hottest girls in schoolStung by an epic betrayal, Camy Cavanaugh relies on the sure things her best friend, her job as peer tutor, and her safe spot on the sidelines of life But when she hacks into a secret, trash talking website, it ignites a war between the sexes that won t end until the whole school is turned upside down and Camy s world is turned inside out.Now the hottest girls in school refuse to date the A List boys But with the Homecoming dance looming, everyone from the queen bee to the girl most likely to pushes Camy to hook them up with guys from the nerd herd And then there s quarterback, A lister and former crush Gavin Madison He hasn t spoken to Camy in three years but he s talking now, begging her to pair the guys on the football team with girls from the Honor Roll It s a contest of wills and everything is on the line even Camy s heart Will she retreat to the sidelines, or will she find the courage to get back in the game

  • Title: Dating on the Dork Side
  • Author: Charity Tahmaseb Darcy Vance
  • ISBN: 9780692569818
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dating on the Dork Side Stung by an epic betrayal Camy Cavanaugh relies on the sure things her best friend her job as peer tutor and her safe spot on the sidelines of life But when she hacks into a secret trash talking w


    Oh, the ins and outs of dating and high school. Honestly, I don't miss those days often, but books like Dating on the Dork Side make me a little bit nostalgic.Dating on the Dork Side is a quick and hilarious read about what happens when one of the smartest girls in school stumbles upon a website that just happens to be all about the girls in her school - and not in a good way.In Olympia, football is life. The jocks are the kings of the kingdom and the cheerleaders, pom squad and other popular gi [...]


    Language: Moderate number of profanity words and some crude humor.Sensuality: Moderate sketchy clean young adult/teen novel. Mild kissing on screen/page. Brief non-sexual nudity. Off screen/page fade to black sexual intimacy mentioned, but not shown.Source: My personal purchased library.


    Dating on the Dork Side is a book that I could easily see being made into a teen movie in the likes of Easy A or The Duff. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find it on the big screen one day. It's more about friendship than romance (though there is a bit of romance, too), which is a nice change of pace from most YA.High school tutor Camy is surprised to find baseball star Jason "The Ab" Abernathy in the tutoring room on the first day of school. Even more surprising is what he's doing there—usi [...]


    It is a 3.5 stars from me. A fun read if you like High School drama, something like a Mean Girls meets John Tucker must die crossover! I personally feel that it is a good story to be turned into a feature film, I'd watch it! The story is a page turner in the first two- thirds, but it could have been given a better treatment in the last one- third, maybe some good editing or a different ending, the last third kind of just stretches out and kills the punch that was building up.SPOILER - Oh how I w [...]


    A high school Lysistrata-type story, where the popular girls find out about a girl-rating web site the boys have been running and ask the girl who discovered it to set them up with geek boys in retaliation. I read this last year, but don't see a review of it here; I remember liking it, but not any of the details.


    **SPOILER FREE**A twist of fate so it seems But you'll want to read for yourself as this author takes you on a journey that doesn't happen in your every day high school years. Smooth flow to that will have you enjoying the book even more!*Received for an honest review*


    This book was great! I loved that it was clean and had a fun plot twist to it! Definitely something I would recommend to my friends!

    Suzana Thompson

    I was expecting nothing more than a pleasant teen romance when I decided to read this. What I got was a surprisingly well-rounded YA story. Camy doesn't spend her entire day pining after her crush. Her family, friendships, school, and her interests and concerns are actually given more priority than her romantic fantasies. For that reason alone, I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It's also a very entertaining story. At times it was so much fizzy fun that I sat reading it with a huge sm [...]


    A fresh twist on an old theme.


    I wasn't in the mood for a YA novel, but this was next on my to-read pile, so. I read. Usually, I read a book in a week or so, because my reading time is really limited, but today I'm sitting here a bit bleary-eyed, as I stayed up until almost 1:30 because I had to keep going (and then I had to finish it)! I got reeled in via several characters, many plot twists and finally, just a need to know how everyone was going to grow and sift out by the ending. And I was not disappointed at all - it was [...]

    Ben Wise

    Firstly, two disclaimers: a) This review is in return for receiving a free review copyb) I am a 30 year old Australian male with no history (that I'm aware of) of attending high school in America, nor have any deep understanding of what it's like to be a girl in that situation. I am not, you might say, the intended audience of this book.And with that out of the way, this book was an absolute romp. It was a bunch of fun and I enjoyed it from beginning to finish, a finish that came quickly as I in [...]


    A witty, heart-warming, and fun modern take on Lysistrata (Ancient Greek play where the women hold back erm favours in order to convince the men to end the war).Camy is quiet, has one (male) best friend, and spends her free time tutoring (and not just because the tutor room has the best the view of the football field). But when she accidentally stumbles upon an explosive website and forwards it to the school's Queen Bee, all the hottest girls in school are clamouring to be set up with the non A- [...]


    Disclaimer: I received a free copy in exchange for the honest review. Charity Tahmaseb, you won my heart. Seriously. The best part of the book was that it got straight to the point from first chapter itself. I loved the way, Tahmaseb doesn't waste anytime and got straight to the point. I was actually surprised and loved it from the first chapter itself. The characters are so relatable in the book. While reading the story, I thought it would turn out as Mean Girls (the movie) but good, it didn't. [...]

    Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)

    Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsDating on the Dork Side begins when Camy finds a website that is for the guys of her school to talk trash about certain girls, and guess what? She's on the list as well. She hates that this is there, so she goes to the most popular girl at school, and from then on it spirals out of control when they do their best to get back at the guys. However, as Camy tries to find the person who started it signs are pointing to people she thought she could trust, and [...]

    Armee Gale Hayag

    At first, you will not feel the characters of the story maybe because of the choice of words however the story is nice so I continued reading it. I love how strong the characters are and how it was shown on the book. At first, I thought that I will be disappointed reading this book but no--- I actually enjoyed it eventhough the story is quite predictable.This book is ideal to teenagers. Thumbs up!


    An enjoyable read. I liked the protagonist and the supporting 'cast'. Moments of funny, but really just a great read about finding your space, navigating people and your sense of self with others while tackling the fact that words do matter and shape they way we perceive each other in an engaging way.

    Vicki Scullion

    This is a great YA novel that explores the concept of respect as it deconstructs gender roles as they are played out in a high school. Funny, realistic, and full of interesting twists, this novel is definitely one I would recommend to middle and high school students.

    Valerie Waters

    This book was cute but so obnoxious. There were inappropriate things I didn't care for and some language.


    This story was very enjoyable. I was disappointed at the language, though - there were a couple uses of words that I prefer not to have in books. . .


    I would love to give this book a 3.5 instead of just a three but alas, does not do half stars. There were many things to like about this book, i like the commaderie the girls have. I even really like the mix up of social groups. What I didn't really like about this book is there wasn't any depth (like Clarissa why was she such a mean girl to Camy) In the begining there was a comment like the Camy I knew wouldn's blah blah this made it seem like she did at one point consider her a friend and ma [...]

    Kelly McAnally-Kern

    Cyber teens take a stand! In a society where cyber gathering is expected, this book hits on issues kids today deal with. And unbeknownst to parents it’s out there. And words hurt. This story takes a worst case scenario and turns it into a positive. Kids from different social status bond together to make a wrong not so wrong. (Yes I didn’t say right, because no matter what the site was wrong, and the kids should have turned to adults. This is the age of cyber bullying and oh so many things co [...]

    Michelle Tolliver

    Smart, funny, and thoughtfully bemusing Reading this reminded me somehow of the tv show The Facts of Life. Well, more for the theme song, and the complete opposites of the 4 main characters. In this book we have a smart tomboy who is pretty in a careless and natural way. She stumbles across society's manner of rumor and innuendo- a message board that details all of the girls in her high school including her. While this remains lighthearted and definitely on the sweeter side, the underlying notes [...]


    Mixed feelingsI usually never write reviews, but this book just had me feeling really frustrated yet captivated at the same time, that I feel like I have to say something about it. This book had a very interesting premise, and up until the last several chapters, I thought it was executed pretty well, however when the plot really began to twist, I feel like the aftermath events were just way too messy and rushed, not to mention a whole lot of justice was left unserved. I was left feeling quite an [...]

    Flores, Chiena

    A fun read I never knew I neededAll the characters grew in the right way in the novel.Except for Clarisse, I think shes a hopeless case.I love all the drama, boys vs girls and all.I love how the ending wrapped up, even though I did suspect him to be adm*n.I love how it shows how someone can see something so wrong into right just because theyre protecting something precious.I love all the relationships, especially Rhino and Camy.Its just as well that they were not pushed together, cause I think I [...]

    Krista Heit Valentine

    3.5 StarsThe school tutor who is happy to live on the sidelines of high school. She comes across a wiki that rates and sometimes demeans the "hot" girls of the school. She decides to bring in the school queen bee on this who then ropes her in to teach the boys a lesson, a boy, boycott. The story overall is cute and has a pretty good theme and point. I think the "love story" of it falls a little flat but over all a good read if you are in the mood for something interesting but not too heavy.


    When I started this book I thought oh this seems OK, but by the first chapter I thought this is quite good and by the end I thought this was a really clever book with well fleshed out characters and a few twists and turns along the way. When Camy stumbles across a secret website where the boys of her high school talk and discuss the girls of the school in derogatory terms she teams up with the Queen Bee of the school and they arrange a boy boycott I'll say no more as I don't want to spoil it, bu [...]


    I’m sad it is overThis book was so much better than the fluffy trope-filled book that I was expecting! I enjoyed the characters, all of them. There are mean girls, but overall it manages to avoid the run-of-the-mill stereotypes often found in HS fiction. And I loved the end message: words matter, even if no one else knows you’ve spoken them. YOU know you have, and that effects YOU.Clean, some mild kissing. Others things are mildly referred to, but happen off-screen with no detail.

    Sin City's BookAholic

    This is defiantly high school drama at its finest. But it also shows the power of unity and what can be accomplished when people put aside their social status and join together. I know this is a YA book but it was kind of hard to get into the book when the dialog was very mild for teenagers, it just didn’t seem realistic. I remember when I was in high school curse words were used in everyday conversations. Overall the books was a great and fun read. Read my full review @ sincitysbookaholic


    This was a free prime read. I'm rounding this up from a 2.75 stars. Haha It was just It was obvious from the beginning who the "culprits" were and most of the girl characters were such extreme stereotypes that it made everything less believable. Plus the title is pretty horrifying. I can't admit reading it to anyone. I'm glad everything worked out in the end, especially with her best friend.


    "Words hurt even if the victim never hears them"This book surprised me. I love the message it sends. This book is completely PG. and should be required reading. I feel it touches on subjects such as anti-bullying, sexism, and friendship.I loved Rhino's and Camy's friendship. It is a legit platonic relationship and it is just adorable. I also loved Camy's relationship with her father. I would recommend to everyone.

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