Jan 25, 2020
Elementals: A Paranormal Fantasy Romance Anthology
Posted by Anne L. Parks

Four sisters wielding the power of the elements Four men who have vowed to protect them One mother s quest to destroy them Experience the power of love in season The Prophecy Spring Escaping from her mother, Gaia, Creator of All, was only the beginning for Aria Spring Staying hidden will require protection from the one man she doesn t trust to save anyone but himseFour sisters wielding the power of the elements Four men who have vowed to protect them One mother s quest to destroy them Experience the power of love in season The Prophecy Spring Escaping from her mother, Gaia, Creator of All, was only the beginning for Aria Spring Staying hidden will require protection from the one man she doesn t trust to save anyone but himself Responsible for breathing new life into the dormant world, Aria is determined to save it, and her elementals sisters from her mother s vow of destruction Disbelieving the tall tales his father and grandfather told when he was a child, Eiden refuses to acknowledge his family s legacy as Protector of the Spring The draw to Aria, however, is too great for him to resist, and he finds himself unable to stay away from her When he sees her powers in action with his own eyes, he can no longer deny the fierce need to protect her even if it costs him his life Bayou Bleue Summer t Munson is the fiery daughter of Gaia, the Creator of All, and the reason why the season of summer exists But when Gaia decides the Earth is too ominous to keep, her plan sends t into hiding in the mystical town of Bayou Bleue, Louisiana Enter Bear Glenn A mysterious voyager who has come from Scotland to find t before Gaia does As she brings Bear into the Heart of the Swamp, a land filled with Bayou Trolls, Silent People, and the legendary Rougarou, their Fate will be tested, along with their will to survive Connected Souls Fall Autumn Munson lives a simple life As simple as a goddess in hiding can, that is One of the four Elemental daughters of Gaia, Mother of All, she s the very embodiment of the fall season But when Mommy Dearest gets the crazy idea that the Earth must go, Autumn and her sisters scatter into hiding in a last ditch effort to save the world William Varian is an ancient soul An immortal shifter who has been watching over Autumn for longer than she realizes He holds the secrets to a past that she s long forgotten one where they meant everything to each other But as he fights to keep Autumn safe, will they allow Gaia to use their centuries old connection to destroy them, or will it prove to be a bond that not even the Mother of All can break Cold Awakenings Winter Wynter Munson doesn t belong in Los Angeles, but what better place to hide a Winter goddess All that sun won t melt her frozen heart, though, after the betrayal and loss of her cheating husband It s her darkness that Morpheus is drawn to He finds the girl of his dreams inside hers But when the Mother of All threatens Wynter s son, he must convince her that love not only destroys lives It can save them too.

  • Title: Elementals: A Paranormal Fantasy Romance Anthology
  • Author: Anne L. Parks
  • ISBN: 9781508633853
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elementals A Paranormal Fantasy Romance Anthology Four sisters wielding the power of the elements Four men who have vowed to protect them One mother s quest to destroy them Experience the power of love in season The Prophecy Spring Escaping from her


    This paranormal romantic fantasy will take you on a FOUR STAR ride from start to finish.“I will carry out my plan, Ambr, and you will assist me. I need my daughters—all four Elementals—here. Together. We both know the only way to destroy the earth is to eliminate each season.”Schwartz SynopsisFour sisters have the weight of the world on their shoulders as they run and hide from Mother Earth’s wrath. Their mother, Gaia, is unhappy with the state of the world. The humans, that is we, hav [...]

    Crystal Melloh

    Gaia is the Mother of All; she is Mother Nature. In the beginning, when the Earth was new,Gaia created four daughters known as Elementals. Each Elemental controlled a season: Aria (Spring), Ete (Summer), Autumn, and Wynter. Gaia delivers her daughters to the Munson family who have tasked with protecting the Elementals at all cost. Each century the Elementals die and are reborn to start life anew. With each rebirth the Munson's are tasked with ensuring a Protector is never far in case the girls n [...]


    What can I say about this awesome compilation written by some of my favorite authors :o Not just some, but 4 of my favorites all in one place! Each amazingly talented Indie author has her own style, but they have merged together seamlessly to give us another page turning must read, serial novel!! Run don’t walk to get yours right away :) Even tho I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review & I loved it so much, that I bought one to gift a friend :D

    Laura Reading

    Gaia, Mother Nature, has plans to obliterate planet Earth. She is angry about how disrespectfully humans are destroying her magnificent creation.She calls the guardian of her four daughters, one responsible for keeping each season functioning properly. The Munson's refuse to turn over the girls so Gaia curses them all. She curses her daughters to suffer, physically and emotionally and to live in fear. The only way for the girls and the planet to remain safe is to separate, hide in different dire [...]

    Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)

    I received this book from DRC Promotions in return for a fair and honest review.The prologue of this book gives you a quick run-down of what to expect. Gaia has turned into a fruitloop and wants to destroy the earth and all those who live on it, along with her daughters, the Seasons. Now, she can't destroy it without killing her daughters first so we're all okay for a while. They have to make a run for it and split up, not knowing when they will see each other again.Now, onto the nitty-gritty. T [...]


    A Fantastic Anthology!This is an anthology written by 4 awesome indie authors. The stories are about the four daughters of Mother Nature. Each daughter is a season, spring, summer, winter, and fall. Their mother decides that the human race has decimated the earth and therefore decides to destroy the earth. The only way for her to do this is to end the seasons, kill her daughters. The daughters split up, each with her own protector, men willing to die if necessary to keep their elemental safe. Th [...]

    Drue DePompei-Hoffman

    Elementals was a wonderfully unique reading experience. It is written by 4 fantastic authors and each of their styles comes through while reading this anthology.Elementals is the story of 4 supernatural sisters who are being hunted by their mother of all people and the 4 men who's lives are dedicated to protecting the sisters. Each story is unique and fascinating, each character is as different as the seasons they represent.I can't say enough good things about this Anthology, if you are looking [...]


    Gaia, "Mother Nature", is upset with the state of the world and threatening to end it all. Her daughters, each with their own reasons to see another day, must fight their mother in a battle to save the world. Will they each be able to outwit her?This novel was well written and unique. The characters were realistic and likable. These 4 talented authors did an amazing job weaving this story together!


    This is a Paranormal Fantasy Romance Anthology. It features 4 different Authors telling one story. I have never read a book written in this manner. I do have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I gave this book 5 stars. This story was told in Seasons, each author had a season and a sister. We start with The Prophecy (Spring):Sister Aria. This story was told by Author Anne L. Parks. I loved this sister, I do believe she was my favorite. Oh, and how I loved her man, Eiden ! She was feisty and [...]


    3 1/2 stars total.This book has 4 stories by 4 different authors about 4 sisters and their evil mother Gaia Mother of All who happens to want them dead along with the rest of the world.The Prophecy (Spring): by Anne L. ParksIn the first story we meet Spring or Aria as she is called and Eiden. I tried to connect with these 2 characters but I just could not do so. The story and the relationship was just to rushed and had no depth to it at all. It started out interesting and kind of promising then [...]


    I was so excited when I heard Annie Rose Welch and Lashell Collins were coming together to do an anthology! Then I found out that Anne L. Parks and Dina Haynes would be joining in too and I had to preorder this way before release day. I hadn’t read anything from Anne or Dina yet (and was excited to get a chance to try their work) and I was coming off of the end of The Saving Angels and Lies Of Lunar Falls series. I needed more Annie and Lashell.First, I adore that gorgeous cover! The tree with [...]

    Debra Lavoie

    Elementals: A Paranormal Anthology by Anne L Parks, Annie Rose, Lashell Collins, Dina HaynesWhat a delightful read!I love how the story is told; Gaia the Mother of All has four daughters: Aria as Spring, Ete as Summer, Autumn as Fall, Wynter as Winter. Each season is told by a different author with the stories blending into a wonderful ending.Gaia thinks humans are ungrateful and are damaging the Earth and she has a plan to fix that problem. Her plan involves getting all the daughters together i [...]


    This was the first time I have read a book written by four different authors and It was a great introduction. Of course when I saw one of my favorite author was part of this anthology I knew it was rgoing to be amazing and I promise it was nothing short of that.This book is a compilation of four sisters who are offspring of the all powerful Mother Nature, Gaia. Gaia has become hellbend on destroying the earth because in her mind humans had become ungrateful for what they have. The only way she c [...]


    Gaia, Mother of all, has lost her ever loving mind. She is on the hunt for her daughters, the Seasons. She wants them together and dead. Each daughter controls an element and has the combined ability to destroy the world. Each of the four tales is told by a different author. but all tell the story of love and sacrifice and how love can color your views and just how much you'll be willing to sacrifice to keep on living. I enjoyed reading each author's take on their season, each was different but [...]

    Arlene Mullen

    I loved these stories. They were not very long. All of them were so well written. I actually didn't remember that all of these stories were written by different people. They were all so good. My favorite was spring. This anthology has something for everyone. I loved reading about the seasons this way. The romance did not overpower the story. A great, easy read!


    This was a powerful ride to take. I was not expecting the surprise and turns to this story. Nor was I expecting a smooth flower story from four different authors. I would recommend this to my friends.

    Kris Dickinson

    Not bad. Definitely for adults though!

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