Mar 28, 2020
Two Man Advantage
Posted by Samantha Wayland

Rhian Savage is working his way up the ranks of professional hockey, with the dream of making it to the NHL getting closer every day He s doing it alone no family, no friends and that s the way he likes it Then he arrives in New Brunswick, and meets the Moncton Ice Cats Suddenly, he s got friends and even something that might be an honest to god crush.Garrick LeBlanc isRhian Savage is working his way up the ranks of professional hockey, with the dream of making it to the NHL getting closer every day He s doing it alone no family, no friends and that s the way he likes it Then he arrives in New Brunswick, and meets the Moncton Ice Cats Suddenly, he s got friends and even something that might be an honest to god crush.Garrick LeBlanc is lonely and counting the days until his last season with the Ice Cats is over and he can move to Boston When his girlfriend suggests he take a lover as long as that lover is a man and he tells her all about it Garrick laughs it off But damned if his friend Rhian doesn t suddenly take on the starring role in his fantasies Good thing Rhian is way too young and straight for what Garrick has in mind.Rhian takes a chance when Garrick s increasingly confusing signals start making sense, and soon discovers he s bitten off than he can chew Sex with strangers is simple Sex with his best friend Complicated.

  • Title: Two Man Advantage
  • Author: Samantha Wayland
  • ISBN: 9781940839035
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two Man Advantage Rhian Savage is working his way up the ranks of professional hockey with the dream of making it to the NHL getting closer every day He s doing it alone no family no friends and that s the way he lik

    R * A Reader Obsessed *

    4 Hedging StarsUm…Let me preface again that I really enjoy Wayland’s MM hockey universe, and though MMF isn’t typically my thing, my curiosity got the best of me as this book is set during the same timeframe as Home and Away. Being a side series, this latest entry shows the progression of Garrick and Savannah’s relationship and how they eventually become a trio that involves Rhian. As this is the 2nd book, it introduces Rhian into the fold, where it focuses on him and Garrick getting to [...]


    Hockey, yay! M/M/F love triangle, boo!

    Smith Barney

    Very basic run-of-the-mill crock-of-crap (IMO-of course) m/m/f love triangle. I swear.n anyone get this right? I don't think so. (I've read a few decent m/m/f but-they're very few and very far between). Obviously, this is a difficult plot-task to accomplish without ending up cliche-stupid. Rhian Savage is this pro hockey player and supposed-BFF to Garrick LeBlanc (team mgr or some-shit) but they don't act like best friends. I felt no chemistry to imply them as such, in fact their relationship fe [...]


    4.25 Stars!

    Christi Snow

    My Review:This is book #2 in what is shaping up to be one of my favorite sports series. And I'm going to stop this review right here because the three books in this series are one huge love story. As a result, anything you read below here hints at spoilers for all the books. It's just the way the series is set up. I try not to get into specifics, but relationship generalizations are here. If you don't want any hint of what happens and haven't read the first book and like some erotic, sexy times [...]


    I don't know why this is tagged as MMF, there is no menage sex scene between the girl and the two guys. She is away in another city in the whole book. Loved this book. The guys were sweet and the writing was good. <3Rhian (Ryan) and Garrett are good together <3


    this book would've been great – like, honestly great – if it wasn't for the absolute hot mess that was that fake sexual assault situation. that's just too much. everything about it has only served to diminish every character in this book. the arguments coming from both carrick and rhian were way too reminiscent of what is usually said about/to rape victims when they decide to come forward – it is also way too close to what's been said about patrick kane's actual real life victim, by the wa [...]


    Loved it, easy read, well writtenGarrick LeBlanc must surely be a man's dream man smoking hot, sexy, a beast in bed, dependable and he has the right tool for the job!!!! (funny, copy and pasted from my previous review of this trilogy LOL)Rhian Savagemmy!! Smoking hot with a brawny, sensitive side that you want to take home. Love him!!!


    didn't like it as much as the first one, but intrigued enough that i want to finish out the trilogy




    Sweet and hot and angsty and heart clenching and emotionalwhat more could you want?!? Rhian, oh sweet sweet Rhian


    Awwwwww Garrick and Rian.what can I say they are hot together!!


    Não sei bem o que dizer sobre esse livro. Gostei das cenas de sexo, como sempre, muito bem escritas. Até que gostei do conflito do livro, só achei que teria mais, sabe? Mais explicações pro passado do Rhian - talvez tenha no próximo livro, mas acho que esse seria o ideal para se aprofundar. Não sei, talvez seja só eu, mas fiquei pensando em (view spoiler)[qual a importância do Steven pra história? Tá, ele é um cara do passado do Rhian e etc, mas parece que ele surgiu do nada pra ser [...]


    Well life for Garrick has gotten interesting, especially after Savanna gives her OK for him to get a lover while she's in Boston and he's in Canada.Falling in love with that lover was not part of the plan but when you're with a guy like Garrick its hard not to fall in love.Next book the gang is all together in Boston which makes me say again, life is going to get very interesting for Garrick.


    3.5 stars

    Mary Lou

    I loved this a lot, but god I wish the author had chosen something other than a fake rape accusation as a climactic plot point. :\


    I could have really done without the fake rape accusation trope, that didn't even propel the plot in any essential way.


    Some angst and some bonking and some bad guys, who get what they deserve, and it ends, not exactly on a cliff hanger, but unresolved. Basically it's the middle part of one book, not book 2 of 3.Damning with faint praise here, it's a fun easy read but nothing spectacular.Oh and I should mention the annoying plot hole that Savannah and Garrett, who are desperately in love, speak to each other about once a week on the phone. Seriously? I was expecting her to ring up whilst Rhian was at the house wi [...]

    Ivy Deluca

    The PremiseThe second in the Hat Trick series, Garrick LeBlanc is counting down the days until he can join his girlfriend Savannah, a trainer for the Bruins, in Boston. He’s wrapping up his EHL career and embarking on a new life as part owner of the Moncton Ice Cats, the team he’s played with for 12 years. As he tries to finish out the season, getting up to speed on running the team as well as playing with teammates whose careers he now has control over, Garrick is frustrated and missing Sav [...]


    I don't know what it is about this series. I just love it.Honestly, I wasn't even 5 pages in and got an absolute thrill at starting it.I loved both Garrick and Rhian from the previous book.And in the previous book, I wanted no craved a little guy on guy action.Well, I got it in this one.The only thing I didn't like, is that yeah Savannah wasn't present at all, other than like 2 phone calls. I get why, but I think I would have liked a bit more of her being involved. Also, she got what she asked f [...]


    Whenever one of Samantha Wayland's books come out, I automatically 1-click. I was so excited when I heard this one was available. I'll admit- in general, I hate the 2nd book of a trilogy. They always seem to be just filler, setting up the third book with some random scenes just thrown in. But this 2nd book was awesomeWith this book, I actually liked it even better than the first. I could feel the tension, the nervousness, the unease between rhian and Garrick, both when they are trying to figure [...]

    Rina Borough - Ireadwhatiwant2

    Full review available at ireadwhatiwant2.wordpressSnippet Review:his was a good continuation of Fair Play, and I am looking forward to reading the third book, End Game. Though the story line continues, I do feel that the first two books could be read as standalone, if a person is only interested in an MF or MM romance. I really enjoyed getting to know Rhian better and learning his backstory. Garrick was just as great as in the first book, and I liked that Savannah had a noticeable presence, even [...]


    I didn't love this book. The characters seemed more wooden, their interactions more forced, and the premise seemed weak. Even worse the addition of a fake rape complaint angle near the end really made the whole thing unenjoyable.While the characters on their own aren't objectionable, they're also mostly flat and don't have compelling backstories despite this being the second book with them. When misogynistic elements like fake rape complaints are added in, this book really tips the scales from o [...]


    Great series, great authorI read the "Hat Trick" trilogy a while ago, and this is one of the books that made me switch to only M/M. Samantha Wayland writes so well, with a good plot and story arc, great character and world building. She can also write the hell out of a sex scene! Alexei and Mike are my favorite characters in the series. I'm hoping we'll get a story for Jack soon.


    I really enjoyed this. It's well written and so hot.Fair warning, I didn't read the first book and won't read the third (last) one. MMF isn't my thing. But I'm pretty sure that for those of you that enjoy that combo this complete series would be a win.I'm just happy sticking with the MM of MMF. Would pick up a purely MM book from this author in a heartbeat.

    Jackie Ziegler

    This is book Two in the series. Savannah decides to let Garrick take on a lover Who will that lover be and what are the issues involved? Does Garrick fall in love with two people? Read and find out :)


    That was such a great love story! I just know I am going to be super jealous of savannah in the next book! Only bad thing was I read the glimpse of book 3 and now I am stressed out! When is the next book coming out? Please say it is tomorrow!


    I very much like seeing a healthy monogam-ish relationship represented here. A couple plot points confused me a bit, but I could overlook that because I was having so much fun reading.


    Liked this trilogy (threesome - haha - of books) quite a lot. Maybe just short of five stars for, well, honestly, just not being as good as Home and Away, my favorite from this author.


    Full review to come

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