Jun 06, 2020
The Fallen Angel
Posted by Daniel Silva

After narrowly surviving his last operation, Gabriel Allon, the wayward son of Israeli intelligence, has taken refuge behind the walls of the Vatican, where he is restoring one of Caravaggio s greatest masterpieces But early one morning he is summoned to St Peter s Basilica by Monsignor Luigi Donati, the all powerful private secretary to his Holiness Pope Paul VII the bAfter narrowly surviving his last operation, Gabriel Allon, the wayward son of Israeli intelligence, has taken refuge behind the walls of the Vatican, where he is restoring one of Caravaggio s greatest masterpieces But early one morning he is summoned to St Peter s Basilica by Monsignor Luigi Donati, the all powerful private secretary to his Holiness Pope Paul VII the body of a beautiful woman lies broken beneath Michelangelo s magnificent dome The Vatican police suspect suicide, though Gabriel believes otherwise So, it seems, does Donati But the monsignor is fearful that a public inquiry might inflict another scandal on the Church, and so he calls upon Gabriel to quietly pursue the truth with one caveat Rule number one at the Vatican, Donati said Don t ask too many questions Gabriel learns that the dead woman had uncovered a dangerous secret a secret that threatens a global criminal enterprise that is looting timeless treasures of antiquity and selling them to the highest bidder But there is to this network than just greed A mysterious operative is plotting an act of sabotage that will plunge the world into a conflict of apocalyptic proportions .

  • Title: The Fallen Angel
  • Author: Daniel Silva
  • ISBN: 9780007433346
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Fallen Angel Gabriel Allon The Fallen Angel is a first class spy mystery painted on a grand scale Columbus Dispatch His past books, all featuring enigmatic spy art restorer Gabriel Allon, have kept Silva s name high in the ranks the latest, the Vatican set The Fallen Angel , seems unlikely to reverse the trend. The Fallen Angel Gabriel Allon, by Daniel Silva The Fallen Angel is the th book in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva The story opens with a murder in St Peter s Basilica at the Vatican The story opens with a murder in St Peter s Basilica The Fallen Angel Daniel Silva An intoxicating blend of art, intrigue, and history, The Fallen Angel moves swiftly from the cloistered chambers of the Vatican, to the glamorous ski slopes of St Moritz, to the graceful avenues of Berlin and Vienna and, finally, to a shocking climax beneath the world s most sacred and contested parcel of land Each setting in this extraordinary novel is rendered with the care of an Old Master, as are the spies, What are fallen angels CARM Fallen angels are created spiritual beings who rebelled against God Angels are used by God as messengers, warriors, and servants The word angel comes from the Greek word angelos which means messenger Angels are spiritual beings without bodies of flesh and bones though they apparently have the ability to appear in human form Gen . The Fallen Angels Archangels and Angels Angels are used by God as messengers, warriors, and servants The word angel comes from the Greek word angelos which means messenger Angels are spiritual beings without bodies of flesh and bones though they apparently have the ability to appear in human form Gen Angels had many functions.

    The Fallen Angel After narrowly surviving his last operation Gabriel Allon the wayward son of Israeli intelligence has taken refuge behind the walls of the Vatican where he is restoring one of Caravaggio s greates


    This was an excellent read. The author incorporated a lot of interesting historical detail which only added more enjoyment. The first chapter starts off with attention grabbing writing and it just keeps going throughout the entire book. I have read a few of Daniel Silva’s books and believe this is one of his best.

    Jim A

    There is no such thing as a bad Daniel Silva Gabriel Allon thriller. Some are just better than others. It's hard for me to describe the book. All of the usual characters are here, almost like old home week. When I finished the book I had the feeling that I had read the last Allon book by Silva. Using the time markers that Silva has put in the 12 or so Allon novels, Gabriel would be somewhere in his early 60's. In The Fallen Angel, Allon is kinder, more gentle than in previous novels. He doesn't [...]


    My weekend reading; can't wait! I've loved every Gabriel Allon book since the series started. Just came across an on-target review by Hugh Hewitt, parts of which I thought I'd share with anyone unfamiliar with the series:"Silva's books are wonderful entertainment and Silva is widely regarded as at the very top of the thriller writers working today, but the far deeper value of the books is in the education they provide on the precarious situation of Israel in the world today. The nature of that s [...]


    Gabriel Allon is one of my favorite charactersI love his professionalism (both professions, assassin and art restorer), I love Chairi, his wife. I love his friends Eli and Ari. I love the fact Gabriel -- OK, really Daniel Silva, informs me about the Middle East and its complications. I can always plan to LEARN something reading about Gabrield this book does not disappoint. For this book, we learn about the connections between Iran and Hezbollah, described by a US federal agent as "the Gambinos o [...]


    I do remember reading the early books of Silva also containing the first three Gabriel Allon novels which I kinda liked a lot. But due to availability I lost contact with the series. I found some hardcover copies of the later Allon movies and I picked up the series.I am a great Fleming fan mainly due to his prose and his depiction of his hero James Bond, and all later writers never quite got the tone right and leaned way to much towards the EON version of James Bond. Another great Spy writer is [...]


    Time for the yearly Gabriel Allon novel. This one was slightly better than usual because it had Donati and the Pope. Gabriel was less insufferable than usual. I read this one super fast and couldn't put it down, however, as I get older I'm realizing the difference between not being able to put something down and 5 stars. These books are great beach reads, but I try to reserve 5 stars for books that have changed the way I think or even caused me to reconsider something. These books are not that, [...]


    Another well written thriller from Daniel Silva, this time moving from restoring art in the Vatican, dealing with antiquities throughout Europe and finally accompanying the Pope on a visit to Israel. As always there is good and evil and those who are good are somewhat compromised, like Gabriel Allon. There is also the continuing age-old battle of the Middle East which is front and center in most suspense writing now. Allon has been part of this struggle since just after the Munich Olympics. How [...]


    As a ferocious reader of mysteries/thrillers, I never thought I would find the perfect novel to satisfy my love of art and mystery combined. I considered the hunt for novels or books or articles especially regarding the Baroque painter Caravaggio would be everlasting! The bad boy of the art world* has inspired some fascinating narratives. This novel, THE FALLEN ANGEL by Daniel Silva, is reading after only a few chapters the epitome of such novels. (Many an customer reviewer has decried"oh, not [...]


    We read this this summer on our cross-country drive. I was in the mood for a good spy thriller, and heard an interview with this author on the Diane Rehm program. It seemed like a spy thriller against a backdrop of art history would be perfect! I went right out and bought one of his novels for our trip because I assumed any author interviewed on Diane Rehm's program would have a lot of literary quality.I have to say I was disappointed. I see that this author has a lot of fans and many reviews re [...]


    O ANJO CAÍDO – DANIEL SILVA Já tinha saudades de Gabriel Allon, o meu espião preferido… que depois da última e atribulada aventura só queria reformar-se e viver feliz e tranquilo ao lado da sua Chiara! Infelizmente, para ele não há tranquilidade! E está de volta! Felizmente para nós… mais uma história espantosamente bem escrita e emocionante de Daniel Silva… Mais um grande livro da série Gabriel Allon. Usando a mesma fórmula dos anteriores, Daniel Silva consegue prender-nos d [...]

    Lewis Weinstein

    Another great exciting Gabriel Allon story (I've read them all). Silva creates electricity, sometimes with very few words. There was the touching scene with Leah, the always acerbic yet moving interactions with Shamron, the amazing Dina, and the sometimes implausible action that is nevertheless gripping. And also, there is the constant reminder of what Israel means to the Jewish people and how perilous its existence still is. Silva states in his Author's Note at the end of the book that there co [...]


    Daniel Silva's latest Gabriel Allon novel still brings the thrills and suspense despite being the 12th volume in this increasing formulaic series.In this novel, Allon is tasked by the Vatican to look into the death of an employee of the Vatican, who herself was looking into whether the Vatican had any problems with the provenance of its art collection.This is an actual issue that has come to plague major museums in the world as art that has been on display for the masses is now sought by the ori [...]


    Another good entry in the Gabriel Allon series full of everything I've come to expect from Daniel Silvia - plenty of suspense, intrigue, death, and destruction, with strong characters and compelling writing. I'm looking forward to the next book.

    Maria Carmo

    Another excellent Gabriel Allon adventureThe artistry of the writer is as great as Gabriel's artistry with both paintings and human nature.An exciting discovery of the long hidden columns of the first Temple throws both Gabriel and Eli into an incomparable adventure. Another unforgettable thriller!Maria Carmo,Lisbon 27 December 2016.


    The Fallen Angel is the 12th book in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva. The story opens with a murder in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. Dr. Claudia Andreatti, a curator in the Vatican's antiquities division, uncovered a dangerous secret. A global criminal enterprise is looting treasures of antiquity and selling them. Monsignor Luigi Donati, the private secretary to the Pope, decides that there will be two investigations. The first, for public consumption, will determine that Dr. A [...]


    THE FALLEN ANGEL. (2012). Daniel Silva. ***. I am a fan of Mr. Silva’s espionage novels, but this one goes over the top. It starts off well: His hero, Gabriel Allon, is in Vatican City working on the restoration of a painting by Caravaggio when he is called into the basilica to view the body of a young woman who has either fallen or was pushed from the dome to her death below. Allon immediately knows that she was murdered because he sees that her neck has been broken, and that a cross that she [...]


    As usual, Gabriel Allon is doing what he likes best, restoring a masterpiece, this time in Vatican City, when there he is asked to investigate a death by his friend, the pope's private secretary. His investigation leads him to the world of the theft of priceless and irreplacable art and artifacts. Telling what he discovers could destroy people he likes as well as the Catholic Church.Locations include not only the Vatican but also Switzerland, Vienna, and Jerusalem. Not only art thieves but terro [...]

    Michael Rudin

    I enjoyed this book and I respect and like this author. Well written, great attention to detail, as always and sometimes beautiful use of the English language. There was a point in the story where the author hooked the reader; however, the denoument and conclusion felt blase. I experienced less immediacy than within previous Daniel Silva novels. Did it need more literal descriptive detail of action? I'm not sure. Perhaps the Gabriel Allon franchise has become a bit formulaic for me as Allon, the [...]


    There is a reason Bill Clinton likes Gabriel Allon (and Daniel Silva). The books provide an instant education on geopolitical events as well as dramatic plots and great action. The books are largely the same; Gabriel is ensconced in some place doing art restoration work when a dire threat of some kind surfaces and off he goes to save the world. This book is no exception, and the reader gets a great first look at issues such as Islamic denial of the existence of a Jewish temple on the Temple Moun [...]


    Not going to repeat the plot line as others have already done so.The given is that somehow the story has to end up with Allon and his team saving Israel from yet another potential catastrophe. The trick is how do we get there? And that is what seemed contrived to me: the whole death in the Vatican leading to antique theft to an international smuggling ring to -- oh finally -- they're connected to a terrorist organization that has a bomb ticking under Jerusalem. Almost forgot -- we throw in a Pop [...]

    Jay Connor

    Taqiyya. From Sharia law: displaying one intention while harboring another. A feint or a misdirection.The concept of taqiyya plays a central role in Silva’s most recent, sensational outing for Gabriel Allon, his wayward son of Israeli intelligence. It is a technique mastered by both terrorist and theologian in this gripping thriller.We travel from the Vatican, where Gabriel is restoring a masterpiece by Caravaggio, to San Moritz to Vienna and on to the Holy Land. (Anyone who has visited the Te [...]

    Brenda Hawley

    As usual, Gabriel Allon is dragged out of retirement (or in this case, restoration work) to help the Israeli intelligence as well as the Pope. With laundered money from stolen and illegal antiquities going into Hezbollah's coffers, and the Vatican's bank an unknowing partner in the procedures, Gabriel is asked to find the link from the Vatican to the terrorists and stop the potential scandal. Of course, this evolves delving into a global criminal enterprise which has tentacles far more reaching [...]


    *Genre* Suspense/Thriller*Rating* 4.0*Review*As “The Fallen Angel” opens, Gabriel Allon, renowned art restorer, retired Israeli Spy and assassin, and savior of the Holy father, is working at the Vatican in an effort to restore a 17th century painting by Caravaggio. This, of course, doesn't last very long.Once again Gabriel is called to duty. This time it’s by his friend Monsignor Luigi Donati who asks for Allon's help in investigating the appearance of a suicide by Claudia Andreatti, curat [...]


    In Gabriel Allon's world, a world of art restoration and beauty, lies n undertone of the spy he once was for the Mossad, where life is precious.While restoring a Carvaggio to its former glory, a girl falls from near the top of the Basilica at St. Peters. Only in Gabriel's world would a Catholic priest ask him to "look into it, but don't ask too many questions". This is the same Catholic church that in our world is one scandal away from oblivion. The death of a young female curate from one of the [...]


    It's a wonderful feeling when you know within the first page of a book that reading it will be a pleasure - if only I could put my finger on how to make that happen I'd be writing my little heart out. Daniel Silva has no such problem, though - and he's done it again with a riveting book that's really, really hard to put down.Gabriel Allon, a larger-than-life art restoration expert and former Israeli intelligence agent, takes on the task of finding the murderer of a young female curator who worke [...]

    Silvia Ribeiro

    A minha estreia nos livros de Daniel Silva.Uma história muito bem escrita e emocionante.Apesar de não ter lido os livros anteriores da saga do Gabriel Allon, fiquei a par das suas façanhas graças às várias alusões aos acontecimentos passados e fiquei fã da sua personalidade.A ação do livro inicia-se no Vaticano mas tem no conflito árabe-israelita o seu tema principal. Vamos viajando por Roma, Viena, Suiça e aprofundando a história deste conflito até tudo terminar em Jerusalém, com [...]


    This book had a different feel to it. I think that it is because Gabriel's team didn't work together all that much. The book revolve more around Gabriel and the Pope. It doesn't seem like this should work, but it did. The frank talks between them were some of the highlights of the book for me. I loved how the Pope went off book with his speech, stunned people, and changed the Catholic view of things. I wish something like this would happen in real life. I am not sure how I feel about Gabriel's d [...]


    I've enjoyed all of the Gabriel Allon books I've read so far. But I would say this one is the best so far. The background is interesting and the context of events is also very interesting. These are the elements that I think make each of these books very good. After all there is a certain "formula" involved, but keeping each one fresh and different is a definite talent.


    I think it is time that he puts this character down for a rest. When you start to remember entire passages from prior books, the author has ran out of ideas and is just boiling the pot.

    Jillian Dodd

    I've read all 12 of the Gabriel Allon books. He is by far my favorite spy of all times. Kick ass, but an artist. Great vacation read!

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