Apr 03, 2020
The King's Revenge: Charles II and the Greatest Manhunt in British History
Posted by Don Jordan Michael Walsh

When Charles I was executed, his son Charles II made it his mission to search out retribution, producing the biggest manhunt Britain had ever seen, one that would span Europe and America and would last for thirty years.Men who had once been among the most powerful figures in England ended up on the scaffold, on the run, or in fear of the assassin s bullet History has painWhen Charles I was executed, his son Charles II made it his mission to search out retribution, producing the biggest manhunt Britain had ever seen, one that would span Europe and America and would last for thirty years.Men who had once been among the most powerful figures in England ended up on the scaffold, on the run, or in fear of the assassin s bullet History has painted the regicides and their supporters as fanatical Puritans, but among them were remarkable men, including John Milton and Oliver Cromwell Don Jordan and Michael Walsh bring these remarkable figures and this astonishing story vividly to life in an engrossing, bloody tale of plots, spies, betrayal, fear and ambition.

  • Title: The King's Revenge: Charles II and the Greatest Manhunt in British History
  • Author: Don Jordan Michael Walsh
  • ISBN: 9781408703274
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The King s Revenge Charles II and the Greatest Manhunt in British History When Charles I was executed his son Charles II made it his mission to search out retribution producing the biggest manhunt Britain had ever seen one that would span Europe and America and would las


    Of all the non-fiction I've read thus far this year, this book, "THE KING'S REVENGE", has given me a full and complete education about the events surrounding both the trial and execution of Charles I of England in 1649 and the 1660 Restoration with his son Charles II as King. Charles I was one of the last European monarchs who believed in the notion of the 'divine right of Kings' and sought to rule as an autocrat without having to answer to Parliament. This proved to be his undoing and led to 2 [...]


    After 800+ years of kings and queens, the English had enough. Following two civil wars between “republicans” and royalists, they put their king on trial, the first “war crimes” trial. Convicted of crimes against his subjects, Charles I was beheaded, the House of Lords was ignored and a “Rump” Parliament ruled, having barred any supporters of the monarchy from sitting. Four years later, the rump Parliament was replaced by the Protectorate, with Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector. Not q [...]


    If you did not know this was a factual history book, it would be easy to believe it was a historical novel - so full of espionage, plots, assassinations and excitement, it is almost hard to credit that it happened. Yet, it did. This book tells the fate of the men who dared to sit in judgement upon King Charles I, known simply as the regicides. After the death of his father, his eldest son, later Charles II, vowed vengeance of those he blamed for the execution of Charles I. When he was invited, i [...]


    It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live; any child would spend their life avenging those who killed his/her parent. Now, imagine if the parent was a king and the child a prince in-line for the throne. This was precisely the scenario with Charles Stuart (King Charles II) and the regicide of his father, King Charles I. Don Jordan and Michael Walsh portrait the punishment and vengeance Charles II sought for those who arranged the beheading of his father in, “The King’s Revenge: Charle [...]


    An intriguing and vivid tale of the fate of Charles I’s luckless regicides. Jordan tells the tale of how Charles II was allowed to take the throne and how he hunted down those he knew and felt were responsible for his father’s death.Jordan begins with the capture, trial and execution of Charles I. He notes how many of trial officials refused to participate or made excuses to avoid being there. These men would turn out to be the lucky ones. Jordan then covers the chaos following Cromwell’s [...]


    Very enjoyable and easy to read narrative of the aftermath of the execution of King Charles I and the decades long attempt to bring his killers to justice. The authors start with a general background to the beginnings of the English civil war and the subsequent execution of the King, and proceed to introduce all the main players on both sides of the conflict and their motives. The narrative then focuses on the obsessively zealous determination of Charles II to hunt down and execute all the regic [...]

    Perry O'Donovan

    Excellent, great story well told. Very clear, well laid out, and the whole has great momentum; the authors are film-makers as well as writers, and it shows (which I mean in a good way: this is considered and effective story-telling). An Epic. An historical treatise but a political one too: between bouts of reading this I found myself thinking of the on-going horror in Iraq, or the upheavals in Russia in the 1990s, and all those other situations in which polities get turned upside-down and back a [...]


    A book based on the tyranny and injustice of a king and a monarchy, this book does a brilliant job of giving the reader an insight into the politics of the time, as well as giving the reader the stories of the regicides. One would be forgiven for mistaking this book for a fiction, it is such an interesting story, it feels like it almost has to have been manufactured.All in all, this is a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in history, politics or all round good [...]


    I enjoyed reading this book, as I have enjoyed reading previous works by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh. The topic is interesting and the narrative reads like a story. The topic of The king's revenge was not quite as juicy as The king's bed, but it is still an enjoyable and recommended read. A great narrative on a tumultuous time in English history.

    Zachary Houghton

    This was an entertaining historical read. I would have liked for some of the religious influences of the time to be a bit less caricatured, but overall, this is a vibrant, action-packed account of Cromwell, Restoration England, and the reign of Charles II.

    Kenneth Sherman

    I guess I was in the mood for royal death. Hard after reading Blood Royal set in France, I checked in on the fate of the regicides during the reign of Charles II in The King's Revenge. In 1648 the stage was set for the judgment of Charles I the loser of two civil wars to the roundheads (bad hair cuts) of the New Model Army. Ti ensure the correct judgment, the soldiers prevented royalist leaning parliamentarians from sitting (Pride's Purge)leaving what was called the Rump Parliament. The King was [...]

    KA N Newton

    This book was not cheap. I give 5 stars as it does contain a lot of information not found anywhere else.It contains no complicated legal talk and is easily understood. It also mentions a lot about Edward Hyde, the Duke of Clarendon who is supposed to be connected with Hydes in my family tree, so a fellow family tree researcher says but I have yet to get back that far. When I was in secondary education we were show pictures of the Death Warrant of King Charles I which showed the signatures of 59 [...]


    Well-researched and enlightening history of England's Charles II's reclaiming of the throne after the brief Commonwealth republic that followed the trial and execution of his father, Charles I. After a brief 12-year stand, the shaky republican government - and short-term Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell - was quickly swept away by the public's yearning for the traditional English monarchical government. Charles II returned with carte blanche to hunt-down and bring to show-trial as many of the 60- [...]

    Victoria Johnston

    This was a good interesting book to read. It gave a balanced overview of the time period and issues involved and was not inaccessible for readers who know little about the era in question. I had a vague knowledge of the fact that Charles II hunted down his father's killers as I have read some books on the subject and have seen the odd TV documentary about the same.The writing style is accessible and does not get stuck on describing unnecessary details. Rather it gives a good overview of the situ [...]

    Sally Ewan

    My brain, alas! Is it my age? The environment? Or just a large number of names that I can't keep quite straight? Whatever the reason, I did have a hard time with this account. Having read "A Coffin for King Charles" with my daughter for school, I was intrigued by the idea of hearing the next part of history: Charles II regains the throne and wreaks revenge on the regicides. But the regicides sort of merged into a murky group of men with little distinguishing features, apart from a few stand-outs [...]

    Linda Rae

    After a very interesting and engaging beginning, this book really bogged down. I found it very difficult to keep the characters straight. It ended up feeling like a school assignment.


    Very interesting. I'd love to see some alternative history fic/novels about what might have happened if Ludlow had led a Hague-backed charge or if absolutely anything had gone differently. It was also interesting to hear about how dissenting the colonies already were toward the crown - America is often portrayed as having been loyal subjects who were just given the last straw that led to revolution.It took me a very long time to read this because I'm terrible with names and the text goes back an [...]


    nonfiction is not my favorite genre. this book is 400 pages which makes it very long. howeveri theorized before i started this book that the execution of King Charles, the leadership under cromwell, and the creation of the united states would all be related. I was right. it is very interesting to know how much turmoil Great Britain was in and how the founding fathers crafted the Declaration of independence to try to avoid the problems that were inherent in a monarchy, a system that limits religi [...]

    Steve Cox

    A great read. I was hooked from the beginning where the background to the Civil War was set out, through the execution of King Charles and the gradual loss of faith In the Commonwealth to the unlikely return of the vindictive Charles the Second. I was amazed how quickly public opinion turned against the commonwealth men and how the country swung right to the opposite end of the political spectrum. The human stories behind the bald facts were shared simply and movingly. I was already interested i [...]


    Full disclosure. I won this in a giveaway.This is a wonderful book. I've read extensively on the monarchs of European history, but this is my first exposure to King Charles II. This book reads like a well-executed historical spy/assassin novel. Charles II actually takes somewhat of a backseat to the main events. Still, well-rounded characters are fully-fleshed out, and the events keep moving to provide an enticing read.


    This is a history I had not considered the vengeance of a son for the murder of a father. Charles II uses his newly acquired absolutism to destroy the Republican ideals of the 'regicide I have discovered a sinister side to the libertine king that will colour my future reading of this man. Highly recommended - easy to follow'


    Interesting book about a fascinating period of the History of England.

    Townsville Library

    IntriguingRead this book in Townsville

    Jim McIntosh

    An interesting book about the beheading of English King Charles I and the hunt for his father's killers after Charles II was able to regain the crown after the death of Oliver Cromwell.


    very interesting book about the manhunt of all most of the signatures of the king charles I death warrant and enjoyed reading it

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