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Aud Torvingen is back contemporary fiction s toughest, most emotionally complicated noir hero returns to teach a new round of lessons in hard hitting justice, and to confront new adversaries her own vulnerability and desire The steely shell of Nicola Griffith s seemingly indomitable protagonist Aud Torvingen appears to be cracking The six foot tall fury who proved iAud Torvingen is back contemporary fiction s toughest, most emotionally complicated noir hero returns to teach a new round of lessons in hard hitting justice, and to confront new adversaries her own vulnerability and desire The steely shell of Nicola Griffith s seemingly indomitable protagonist Aud Torvingen appears to be cracking The six foot tall fury who proved in The Blue Place and Stay that she can kill you as easily as look at you is shaken by the shocking consequences of the self defense class she s been teaching, and her investigation of what seems to be run of the mill real estate fraud is turning out to be than she bargained for.Always brilliantly intertwines the dramatic episodes of Aud s class with the increasingly complicated investigation that introduces Aud to the limits of self reliance, and to the scary and beautiful prospect of allowing oneself to depend on other people What emerges is a thrilling, thoroughly engrossing novel that imbues Griffith s classic noir hero The New York Times Book Review with an emotional complexity that far exceeds the boundaries of the genre, and will push Griffith to her well deserved place at the front rank of new wave literary crime writers.

  • Title: Always
  • Author: Nicola Griffith
  • ISBN: 9781594489358
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Always Aud Torvingen is back contemporary fiction s toughest most emotionally complicated noir hero returns to teach a new round of lessons in hard hitting justice and to confront new adversaries her own v


    Too much detail getting in the way between plot and Aud's latest lady. AND I was not wild about the self-defense class chapters. I still have a crush on Aud though. Duh.


    april 2015. i finished this. re-read it from scratch with new eyes. i am no longer willing or inclined to pronounce on the motives that lie behind the creation of this book. in fact, i feel pretty lousy (presumptuous, for one) for having done so in the first place. i have also discovered that NG has MS, which would have been easily findable had i finished the book in the first place, since it is in the afterword. many of the other things i wrote in my OR i also find now wrong, though not cussedl [...]

    Ulf Kastner

    It seems that I can only muster a handful of random realizations and remarks pertaining to this third book built around the Aud Torvingen character (after The Blue Place and Stay):Aud has psychopathic leanings. Why else would she ponder the ease with which she could maim or kill just about anybody she encounters by ways of going into nonchalant anatomical detail about such violence? Part of me gets this line of compulsive mind wandering of someone with a detached sense of physical superiority bu [...]


    11/2012. This time, I paid more attention to the self-defense chapters. Maybe some of it will stick. I enjoyed the Seattle setting a lot, since I've now been to Seattle enough that I recognized many of the places. Mostly, though, I just love Aud. 6/2009. I'm more than half in love with Aud Torvingen. In this, Griffith's third book about her, she's a bit more human. Almost fallible. Clueless when it comes to one particular woman. The plotting is taut, the dual storyline engaging, and the characte [...]

    James R. C.

    Whew! "Always" is a damn good story (clear and complete).


    Oh my, I think that's the best book in the series yet.It's another emotional read with fantastic prose. The structure of the book works well, it changes between chapters that continue Aud's story, I'd say about 6 months after Stay ends, and chapters that have Aud teach self-defense to a group of women. While the one story arch follows Aud on taking further steps on the ladder out of grief, grief that was so central in Stay, the self-defense arch really gives another insight into Aud's philosophy [...]


    Guilty pleasure that's not really that guilty. Like the others, progressive, mindful, sensual, and tiny bit wicked. Only misses the 5 stars by being just a touch too over-the-top. The utopia Aud promises to set up at the end of the book is in fact a utopia I would invest in, but I just can't believe it will all be true, even in that fictional version of the world where women like Aud and Kick exist. Great sex scenes. Great love scenes. Real friendship. The question: What does it mean to live wit [...]


    With Always Griffith once again delivers a fascinating novel. It is an impressive bit of character development. The author pulls no punches when it comes to making her main character suffer. The crime element in the novel is not quite as present as in the first two volumes. If you approach this as a whodunit, the novel will probably not satisfy you. Personally I was much more interested in seeing if Aud would manage to find some stability in her life and heal some of the scars that are so promin [...]

    Grace Fisher

    Aud Torvingen is the lesbian power fantasy I never knew I wanted. Strong and silent, tall and square-jawed, she's got money, sick martial arts skills, and a fast mind. She gets involved in interesting cases, inevitably tangles with a gorgeous woman with some sort of Trouble in her life, and kicks a lot of ass.Griffith's writing is enjoyable - great use of short, punchy sentences. Conveys smell and feel of a place really well, whether it's Atlanta, Seattle, or Norway.Basically if you want mystery [...]


    This book series does not resemble many others I have read. Always makes you think about what you are doing with your life. For example, are you valuing each day and using hours each day to make a difference not just for yourself but for those around you and even the world. The thought that there is always someone or something better either makes you settle or push harder. Stories that make you think as well as entertain is a good thing to me.

    shrug city

    I love Aud Torvingen so much. Here we have a butch, Norwegian private detective who gets to go about taking joy in the strength of her body and having tragic and complicated love affairs! Also, I want to date her. The best thing about the Aud Torvingen series is its mindfulness, expressed in a way that is almost antithetical to the modern treat-yourself conception but there all the same: Aud is intensely present in her body and in her perception of the world. Here we get to see some of the defin [...]


    "You're a sensualist, a hedonist of the first order," Kick tells Aud, right near the end of the book, and you know then that Kick has Aud's number. For all of her expediency, efficiency, and near-Terminator ability to assess and nuetralize danger, Aud Torvingen is a creature as much a slave of her body as she is a master of it. Aud has herself convinced that she is fully in control, and a creature of intellect. She relies on and revels in her formidable deductive skills, and is even disappointed [...]

    Cherie In the Dooryard

    What a sad way to end this series. Not that the end was sad, but that this slow, broken-up, meandering story really brought down what had been taut, compelling reads. I sometimes dreaded the violence of Aud, but it turns out that Aud without violence isnda boring and whiny.


    I have thought of a hijacking as a largely unfortunate occurrence. Somebody wants to go here and instead ends up there. Of course in art the hijacking, (more usually a gentler diversion often entailing either hijinks or ineffectual protestations), and its disruption of routine leads to, well, whatever the creator is aiming for. What comes to mind is that it's often tragedy or the warm fuzzies.In Nicola Griffith's third outing with her American-Norwegian PI, Aud Torvingen, what I can't decide is [...]


    5 out of 5 starsNicola Griffith is still fairly new to me as an author and quite frankly, I have been missing out."Always" is the third book in the Aud Torvingen series and while it can stand as a read-alone book, it does help to read the first two. This is a very fast paced thriller set in Seattle, with an additional story line set in Atlanta.Let me say, right up front, that I am more than a little in love with Aud. She's completely self-contained to the point she's mostly unaware of how people [...]

    Glen Fox

    Aud 's near-solitary life is refracted through the detailed, gripping and superbly realised self defence lessons she gives a group of Atlanta women. Part choreography, part philosophy, tautly and tensely described, her lessons give her students the self confidence d self worth she herself finds so elusive. As their teacher she is a role model of confident, competent strength but emotionally she is barely functioning after Julia's death. Her influence on the group and its darkly unintended outcom [...]


    As seems to be a trend with Nicola Griffith novels, I read this in one sitting. Maybe one and a half. I don't understand why fandom has not embraced every single one of this author's works. She writes beautifully, her plots are fascinating, her female characters are front and center (every single chapter she writes passes Bechdel). (Vera, don't disabuse me of the notion that fandom means it when we say we want more awesome female characters.)This is an odd intersection of literary fiction and ha [...]

    Rachel Neumeier

    Aud Torvingen is way cool.She’s tough, but really humanized by events in the first book; she’s drawn to violence, but kind even when she doesn’t need to be; she’s philosophical, but certainly doesn’t “live in her head”. Right near the end, someone tells Aud: “You’re a sensualist, a hedonist of the first order.” This is SO TRUEWAYS, unlike the first two books, makes extensive use of flashbacks, interweaving a secondary story with the primary — and in the process, providing a [...]


    There comes a time in writing noir novels that all those writers begin to expand. In this edition, Griffith breaks her excellent pattern by expanding Always by repeating an experience her protagonist and narrator, Aud, has with a group of proper ladies in Atlanta as she teaches them the arts of self-defense. Whereas the result of the passages is to inform the reader on basic principles of protection (and many of them informed me, someone who grew up with lots of threat), the result to the narrat [...]


    Ok, the mistake I made was not realizing (until the middle of the book!) that this is third in a series. The main character kept alluding to certain people and incidents that I just assumed were somehow going to factor into a stand-alone mystery. Nope. Should've read the first 2 first. But I did enjoy this enough that I will probably backtrack and read the first 2 in the series. I've never been "into" mysteries as a genre so I don't know how to compare it to other mysteries. It struck me as not [...]


    There is something about Griffith's writing that keeps my name on the top of the library request list every time she comes out with a new title. I don't know what it is. I don't particularly like the main character, Aud Torvingen, or any of the minor characters for that matter. In this book Aud is particularly condescending and the love-interest has no personality at all. Additionally, the way the story is written, with two alternating plotlines, didn't work for me. I read way ahead with the sel [...]

    Elizabeth Hunter

    I'm conflicted about this one. I love the main character--Aud Torvingen, protagonist of The Blue Place and Stay--and Griffith's sensuous prose, which was here in spades. Splitting the action between Seattle and Atlanta made for interesting contrasts. But several of the narrative choices felt forced and the conclusion of the interspersed flashbacks to Aud's self-defense class was foregone, making those chapters tortuously slow to develop, although filled with interesting statistics and perspectiv [...]


    ISBN1594489351 (ISBN13: 9781594489358)Edition LanguageEnglishSeriesAud Torvingen #3CharactersAud TorvingensettingSeattle, Washington (United States) The format of alternating between the main story taking place in Seattle and the self defense class in Atlanta just didn't work very confusing. it's about some rich ex-cop woman who goes to Seattle to investigate some weirdness with real estate holdings and has to deal with the weird goings-on at a movie set. It is a pseudo-thriller about a cold-blo [...]


    This, the third in the series (and presuming final), feels completely different than the first two. In a really good way. The first two were, sorta, mysteries that Aud solved with her fists. There wasn't a whole lot of personal growth or personal introspection. The mystery, and the fist-solving violence, was front and center. But this one? It was all personal, it felt a lot smaller (in a good emotional way), being all about Aud as a person. Her growth, her learning to stop and see things from ot [...]

    Laura Stone

    I didn't like this as much as Slow River, but it was still enjoyable enough. The book seemed to strangely personal, I got the impression it was semi-autobiographical, and that made it too self-indulgent for my tastes.I liked it more than most suspense novels I've read, but at times it felt like a screenplay (which was also kind of hilarious because a main plot point had to do with filming a movie). Also, it was too long, Lastly, I did not enjoy most of the information in the self-defense class s [...]


    I was disappointed by the third and final book of the Aud series. The format of alternating between the main story taking place in Seattle and the self defense class in Atlanta just didn't work. Seattle was the better of the two stories but was still plagued with the "I'm completely and totally devoted to a person I just met" that happened in the first book of the series. The self defense class "story" didn't even feel like a story--more like a book on self defense (that may or may not be accura [...]


    I love this book. When I first read it, I was unaware that it was book 3 of a trilogy. I didn't get any of the references to Julia, but I loved it anyway. (Later, I read the series through in the right order. It made more sense.)Interspersed with the plot are chapters about Aud teaching a self-defense class. These are my favorite chapters. The women in the class are interesting, and the culmination of their plotline is—to me—even more interesting than the climax of the main plotline. Additio [...]


    Loved the first, put down the second and didn't finish, could not get half way through this one. Skimmed the end and was dissatisfied.Each chapter skips between Atlanta and Seattle, and with each Atlanta chapter I feel more and more like I am attending a seminar on violence against women. I know from the fore-shadowing in the Seattle chapters that something violent and disturbing happens in the self-defense class and by the third or fourth meeting of that group, I'm fairly certain who it is and [...]


    If you ever have a chance to see Nicola Griffith, GO! She is incredible in person. I recently had a chance to hear her at A Room of One's Own in Madison, WI. She was in town for a feminist sci-fi/fantasy convention, WisCon, as was I. She reads with such loving care. She spent a bit of time talking about Aud, the main character. She knows Aud through and through. It was great to be reminded of who Aud was again before I started the book (Aud is also the main character in The Blue Place and Stay). [...]


    I think this was part of a series I've never read, b/c there were lots of references to people that never actually showed up in the story. Anyway, it's about some rich ex-cop woman who goes to Seattle to investigate some weirdness with real estate holdings and has to deal with the weird goings-on at a movie set. It's categorized as a mystery but the tension level was really low. Meanwhile, the protagonist is flashing back to a self-defense course she taught (the author used to teach self-defense [...]

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