Dec 10, 2019
Creation in Death
Posted by J.D. Robb

Eve has seen this crime scene before the artfully arranged body of a young brunette, arms spread, palms up, body marked by the signs of prolonged and painful torture Carved into her torso is the time it took her to die in hours, minutes, and seconds And on the third finger of her left hand has been placed a silver ring.Eve is catapulted back to a case nine years earliEve has seen this crime scene before the artfully arranged body of a young brunette, arms spread, palms up, body marked by the signs of prolonged and painful torture Carved into her torso is the time it took her to die in hours, minutes, and seconds And on the third finger of her left hand has been placed a silver ring.Eve is catapulted back to a case nine years earlier, when a man whom the media tagged The Groom put the city on edge with a killing spree that took the lives of four women in fifteen days Eve and her partner Feeney, her friend and mentor, couldn t stop him before he disappeared, only to resurface in other parts of the world to kill and kill again But now The Groom seems to have come back to where he started.When it turns out that The Groom s most recent victim was employed by Eve s billionaire husband, Roarke, she brings him onto the case A move that proves fitting when it becomes chillingly clear that the killer has made it personal The corpse was washed in products from a store Roarke owns and laid out on a sheet his company manufactures With the Groom s monstrous return, Eve is determined to finish him once and for all Familiar with his methods, she knows that he has already grabbed his next victim.But his sights are set on the biggest challenge of his illustrious career an abduction that will test his skills and that promises to give him satisfaction as he s never known Time is running out on another woman s life and for Eve.

  • Title: Creation in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb
  • ISBN: 9781423337454
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Creation in Death Eve has seen this crime scene before the artfully arranged body of a young brunette arms spread palms up body marked by the signs of prolonged and painful torture Carved into her torso is the time


    4.5 stars.I honestly don't know how JD ROBB keeps writing quality books! None of the books in this series have been less than 4 or 5 stars for me. OK, the formula might be the same but the storyline is original and Eve and Roarke are as interesting as ever. “There's nobody on the job, nobody with a badge I respect more than you." - Eve"You never were a rookie," he told her in a voice roughened with emotion. "So I saw good, solid cop the minute I laid eyes on you. I gave you a hell of a foundat [...]


    A very creepy serial killer who was on the hunt ten years ago and is now back to pick up his "work". And, this time he has planned to make Eve part of his work. She is supposed to be his last piece before he retires.Well, good luck with that, Mr. Serial Killer! Many have tried, but none have killed Eve yet. She's pretty unkillable. As a matter of fact, her luck is sometimes TOO good. I am wondering if the past/future dream of a Robocop really did come true. Oh my gosh, she is Robocop! She says t [...]


    I don’t think I will ever tire of this series. I don’t see how I can. It is apparent that J.D. Robb really dug deep when she sat and wrote these books because they are pretty amazing.I love Roarke and Eve. I know this sounds crazy but they seem so real to me. In my head I have given them voices and in my reviews I have given them faces. He loves her endlessly.Her love for him leaves her breathless. I love all the secondary characters. If I am honest, I don’t consider them secondary anymore [...]

    Rebecca McNutt

    Creation in Death was a little corny in some parts of its dialogue, like that sickly-sweet type of romance stuff you see on the LMN Channel or something, but overall it was a solid and creative crime thriller. I think oddly enough its strong suit was more in its scenery and emotion than in its characters. The author has a lot of talent for capturing both the spirit of New York City and also the suspense of a great crime story.


    What a despicable serial killer! Really like this book - it has Eve and Roarke working closer than ever before without all the angst.The only thing about the book that I don't like is the title. I don't get the "Creation" part at all - in my opinion, it should have been called "Groomed in Death" or "Numbers in Death" but that's just me. Do I recommend this book - of course, it's a great part of the series, maybe not integral, but still Two thumbs up and 5 stars

    Alex ♈

    Suspense 4.5 stars / Romance 4.5 starsExcellent suspense, the killer is back after 9 years and our Eve caught the asshole. Very painful. Poor victims. I had to pause a couple of times At least they saved the last one. Roarke and Eve make a good team. Still pissed at Roarke after the previous book. He was nearly perfect in this one, but I will  hold my grudge for a whileEve - the Woman, the Warrior!!!


    4.5 stars - Romantic Suspense/Futuristic/Crime/Romantic Thriller

    Aly is so frigging bored

    2nd read 19-21 January 20161st read 17-19 September 2013In this one we see Eve and Roarke working even more closely together. On that point, I have a feeling he's not coming back to the precinct any time soon.

    Ann Lou

    This installment takes on the famous "the groom" murderer.  This killer considers himself a maestro in the art of death.  Has tortured and killed twenty three women or was it twenty four? He went out of the loop for nine years and decided to come back to torture and kill some more in New York.  And his big mistake is in choosing Eve as his last and would be greatest achievement.  "And to remember I'm not just bait, I'm an experienced and kick-ass cop."But all those women being tortured and k [...]


    These books are perfect mix of Castle and Rizzoli & Isles!!! But there’s some reminders about CSI, Criminal Mind… Since I love them all, how could I not love Eve and Roarke and Co.!!!???!!!The greatest skill here is the ability to perfectly mix humor, murder, sweet and hot moments! I never find a dull moment in these books! Every page is a little treasure!“An event shop. Ah…upscale, everything you might need under one roof. A variety of specialty boutiques—attire, floral and planti [...]


    Creation in Death by J.D.Robb is the 25th book in the In Death series. A serial killer dubbed The Groom resurfaces in New York after a 9 year absence, and this time Eve Dallas leads the investigation. Another amazing book in the series with Roarke becoming more involved as the new victims are his employees. I cannot get enough of this series.


    Fantastic! Incredible! Perfect!Again, Robb brings back the characters we love with a new crime to solve. Roarke works more hands-on this time, getting a real picture of what cops do. He'd never been this 'in' it before, and it was great to see him there, and get his 'feel' for what cops go through during an intense investigation.Arguments and fights between some of the more active characters make them appear more human and all the more believable.The plot was good, not so many twists but you get [...]


    One of the best in the series, for sure. I laughed, I cried, I highly recommend.

    Julie H.

    I'm going with four stars for J.D. Robb's Creation in Death and, in point of fact, if we had half stars I might even go so far as 4 1/2. Why? Great question. Here's the short answer: Robb is not phoning it in on this one. Specifically, she gives us great characterization of even minor players and, more important, for the bits of background context into the Urban Wars provided in the later pages of Creation in Death. The procedural part has always been interesting--including how Peabody simply do [...]


    A criminal is taunting the investigators. Feeney has never let this one go and Eve remembers it well, it was one of her first cases as a rookie. "For him, death was a vocation. He was a maestro in the art of death. The keeper of time. The bringer of destiny." Eve and her husband seem to be the focus in Creation in Death, but Eve doesn't think she is the actual person being targeted. Maura brings it to her attention causing Eve to hide this bit of information from Rourke. It's bad enough her husb [...]


    4.25 StarsI read a ton of books in this series last year, but took a small break recently so I didn't get overloaded. Now I'm back at it and Creation in Death provided me with everything I expect from Eve, Roarke, and the gang. The mystery was fascinating, the characters entertaining, and, as always, the audio narration from Susan Ericksen is impeccable.This particular case was a difficult one to read due to its violent nature. Basically, a serial killer that Eve and Feeney had hunted for nine y [...]


    A serial killer who had eluded the NYSPD nine years ago has returned. Feeney was the primary investigator back then and Eve was a newly minted detective and his partner. The fact that the killer escaped clean to go ply his trade in other cities and countries has sat bitterly with not only Eve and Feeney but with Morris the coroner, Whitney the chief and even Berenski the lab tech.Now, nine years later he is back, doing exactly what he did before in his same MO. The cops of the NYSPD have a chanc [...]


    You can see the following review also here: loveandlivetoread.wordpressAs all the previous books in this series, this one was a great one also! I truly believe that J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts gives us a very good and well-written story with interesting characters combined with mystery. In this story, a serial killer is back after nine years and it’s very important for all the police department to catch him. Especially for Eve. And that’s why all our favorite characters became an unstoppable [...]


    Creation is a grizzly look into the twisted mind of a serial killer. It remains one of my favourites of the series. I am the first to complain about Roarke leaping into every investigation whether he is welcome or not. In Creation we get to follow Roarke as he works side by side with the geek squad to hunt down the killer. It is an interesting perspective and unique IMO for the series. One of Groom's victims, Ariel is a refreshing kick a$$ character and lightens what would be a very dark book.Th [...]

    Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)

    This is the first In-Death book where Eve doesn't have a single dream about her father. Is she growing? Is she moving on? Could be. We'll see what happens in the next book.Creation in Death is a good old fashioned crime drama. The police procedural business plays out for us with all the usual players in place. Who is kidnapping and torturing women to death? The whole plays out well. A few good one liners but overall the humor was needed to cut through the increased tension. I really enjoyed this [...]

    Caz Malpas

    5 DAZZLING DALLAS STARSOh my good gawd, I know I said the last one was my very favourite, or was it the one before or maybe both, but shit, I was wrong, this was my very very very favourite so far, by far!!!Christ! Jesus! (Quoting the God himself, Roarke) that was a bloody good one, I'm missing listening to it already, there's only one thing for itXT PLEASE.!


    This one was amazing! So much tension and the ending moment had me chocking up. I also liked the way we got a look into the killer's mind every now and again. He is so evil!

    Connie N.

    #25 in the In Death seriesThis is another awesome book in this amazing series. A serial killer/torturer of women comes back to New York, picking up where he left off 9 years before when Eve and Feeney were working the case together. It hits especially close to home when a connection to Roarke comes up--the women work for him, the items left at the scenes are manufactured by his companies. So he gets involved in the case from the beginning, actually working at Police Central along with the team. [...]


    I really liked this one. They way the case came together was awesome. I felt for Feeny in this one because it had to be hard. But I'm glad they got the bastard in the end.


    Fantastic! These last few I've read have been very strong in both the mystery and emotion department. This particular case had a suuuuuper creepy bad guy, and was one that Feeney and Eve worked on when she was still a rookie. The best of these books are when the mystery ties in to some kind of emotional issue with Eve and one of her "family" members. This one explored the relationship with Eve And her real father figure, and a few of the scenes really had me tearing up. I enjoyed the audio so mu [...]


    Another awesome book in this series! This was definitely frustrating, but on a good way. So much to do, so little time. Emotions running high, a little action, some humor and bantering, tricky situations, good characters, and some tough decisions. A book that pulls you in and has you rooting for the good guys all the way through. This a has a hurried but slow moving feel and leaves you chanting hurry and pacing in your head. Enjoy!!!

    Nikinnia Smith

    Lt. Eve Dallas does it again. This has been one of my favorite series. In Creation in Death Lt. Dallas is on the hunt for a suspect called the Groom. She and her former trainer Sgt. Ferny hunted the Groom at the beginning of her career. He is a psychopath that was in love with his stepmother and kills young women whom remind him of her.JD Robb never disappoints with Eve. I can't wait to read the next in the series.


    This installment of the Eve Dallas saga was very well done! I liked seeing Roarke's emotions about working a case from start to finish and how he dealt with Eve being bait. I also enjoyed seeing how everyone got to help on this case, it really tied all the characters together for me! I didn't enjoy Eve's decision at the end of the book regarding the unsub, I felt it was a little too far off her moral compass to be believable. Still, another enjoyable installment in the series!

    Venus Blancia

    The fact that this murderer did fail Captain Feeny and Lieutenant Eve 9 years ago. I believe this one is the most challenging and demanding case for my cop kickass heroine Eve Dallas. And I blame it all to Mr Edwards why I have not encountered humor in this book. Blah, blah, blahRoarke still creates magic.


    27th(?) Eve Dallas futuristic mystery/thriller. I've read them all, but had gotten a little bored so waited a few months after release to pick this one up. Was pleasantly surprised that some things turned out unexpectedly. Eve tracks serial killer 'The Groom' with help of task force that includes her husband. Solid, good read.

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