Jun 06, 2020
Kiss the Crystal Sun
Posted by Penelope King

With Nicholas gone and Justin fighting for his soul, Calista attempts to get back to a normal life But when Ana reveals a shocking secret about the family s past, and Callie discovers the most important truths in her life are lies, she is faced with a devastating choiceOne that will change everything.

  • Title: Kiss the Crystal Sun
  • Author: Penelope King
  • ISBN: 9781475020618
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kiss the Crystal Sun With Nicholas gone and Justin fighting for his soul Calista attempts to get back to a normal life But when Ana reveals a shocking secret about the family s past and Callie discovers the most importa


    After reading the first book I wasn't sure whether to read the second - but I didobviously. This book was much better than the first, more action, more drama and more mystery. But like the first one, it was justgood. Not great but not bad either. Everything is so obvious, I predicted the story myself and got it right. As I mentioned on the first book, although this one isn't as bad, it's still very 'disney-esque'. Would I read it again or recommend it? No. But it's good for a light read when you [...]

    Christina Browne

    calista is starting to get a glimpse of herself when everthing comes crashing down on her everything she thought was the truth was a lie received from first reads


    Im desperate to read it But I don't know how


    After reading book 1, I was really gung ho to read book 2. I wasn't disappointed but I almost liked book 1 better which is strange. I think in part because Calista was all over the place in this book.What is good is she learns more about her pastor better yet, more about her mom and dad's history, how her mom died (but didn't really die), and how she actually has a different father. She learns Nicolas is actually part of the coven that killed her grandfather (which happens to be the same coven h [...]

    Julie(Reading By The Beach)

    View this review and more here -> readingbythebeachIf you read my review of Witchy, Witchy (book 1 of the Spellbound trilogy), then you know that I liked it, but was not swept away. Well, that was not the case for Kiss The Crystal Sun!Calista has grown from a character that was somewhat likable to completely lovable, she alone grabbed my attention as she proceeded to grow into a commendable young woman. I desperartely wanted to love Witchy, Witchy and Calista, but now I know why I couldn't. I [...]


    Kiss the Crystal Sun is the second book in the Spellbound Trilogy. Calista's story continues where we left off in Witchy, Witchy. Justin and Nicholas are gone and Calista is left to wonder what will happen and we are left to ponder how she will deal with them the situation.As any true reader will know, there is always going to be more to the story than just the current story line.Penelope King must begin to reveal more about Calista in order for us to find out who she really isd so she did. Unfo [...]

    Heather Boustead

    Kiss the Crystal SunBook Two of the Spellbound TrilogyBy Penelope KingCalista isn’t an ordinary girl she recently found out that the special powers she has always exhibited have come from a long line of witches, but when she was a baby her mother placed a spell on her that made her all but invisible to the rest of her maternal family and when her mother died she grew up thinking she was the only one of her kind. Soon after she moved to California and met her maternal grandmother she also met t [...]


    I received this from the author after I agreed to read and review the first book in this trilogy Witchy, Witchy, from the ARR Paranormal Romance part of the Making Connections group on . For those of you that read my initial review of Witchy, Witchy, you know that I really enjoyed the first book. I didn't think it was possible, but Kiss the Crystal Sun was even better than the first!I don't want to give anything away, except to say that Calista matured a lot in a short time, which may seem unrea [...]


    This second book in this series started just a tad slower for me in comparison to the first however the further I got into the story it completely had me hooked. The magical journey the heroine goes on is incrededible. The descriptions are vivid and the turmoil that the she is feeling really comes across. She is a character that I really came to like in the first book and there are so many surprises and twists I can't wait to find out what will happen in the the third segment.

    Adrienne Testa

    Calista spends her time pining over Nicholas,while he is away trying to rid Justin of the hunter curse. Calista learns her life is a lie and Lily and Sophie knew and didn't tell her. As she is growing closer to Nicholas and trying to save Justin from having his memory erased by the coven she faces a battle with her grand mother.

    Mary Armour

    Much better :)2nd book


    After reading WITCHY, WITCHY, I had no doubts about continuing the series. Like the first book, I enjoyed this ya paranormal romance.


    50% of the book was spent on fillers describing Cal's anxiety over Justin and Nicholas. This book was quite predictable.


    Fantastic sequel completely devoured in less than 24 hours. Couldn't put it down. Cannot wait until October for the third!

    Jessica Noble

    Love itEveryone this is a good book. The teen romance between 2 guys and a girl. Calista who will you choose Justin or Nicholas. Find out.


    I liked this one and like the story. I'm annoyed that the third book was due in the summer and is still not out


    Ooooo cliff hanger mal sure you have book three ready to go.


    This book was pretty good. Can't wait to find out what happens in book 3.


    Very strong second book. The action keeps going, including some unpredicted twists, and I very much enjoy this magical world.

    Samantha Adams

    Loved it!! Review to come :)


    A little slow at first, but wow what an ending! Can't wait to read the final book to find out what happens.


    Great Read! The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because the into is kinda weird as I think it should have been in the first book. Other than that I can't wait for the 3rd book to come out!!!

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