Jun 06, 2020
The Exceptions
Posted by David Cristofano

From David Cristofano, the Edgar Award nominated author of The Girl She Used to Be, comes a poignant, darkly witty story about the ties that bind us together and the choices that rip us apartE EXCEPTIONSNo loose ends It s the Bovaro family motto As part of the Bovaro clan, one of the most powerful and respected families in organized crime, Jonathan knows what hFrom David Cristofano, the Edgar Award nominated author of The Girl She Used to Be, comes a poignant, darkly witty story about the ties that bind us together and the choices that rip us apartE EXCEPTIONSNo loose ends It s the Bovaro family motto As part of the Bovaro clan, one of the most powerful and respected families in organized crime, Jonathan knows what he must do take out Melody Grace McCartney, the woman whose testimony can lock up his father and disgrace his entire family The only problem he can t bring himself to do it.Had Jonathan kept his silence, Melody and her parents would never have been identified and lured into the Witness Protection Program, able to run but never to hide So he keeps her safe the only way he knows how by vowing to clean up his own mess while acting as her shield.But as he watches her take on another new identity in yet another new town, becoming a beautiful but broken woman, Jonathan can t get her out of his mind or his heart From the streets of Little Italy to a refuge that promises a fresh start, Jonathan will be forced to choose between the life he s always known, the destiny his family has carved out for him, and a future unlike anything he s ever imagined.

  • Title: The Exceptions
  • Author: David Cristofano
  • ISBN: 9780446567350
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Exceptions From David Cristofano the Edgar Award nominated author of The Girl She Used to Be comes a poignant darkly witty story about the ties that bind us together and the choices that rip us apartE EXCEPTI


    -Facebook Page facebook/Thebooknatics --Before I start, I would love to give a little insight on who David Cristofano is: David Cristofano has earned degrees in Government & Politics and Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park and has worked for different branches of the Federal Government for over a decade. His short works have been published by Like Water Burning and McSweeneys. He currently works in the Washington, D.C. area where he lives with his wife, son and d [...]

    Karen San Diego

    Ghosts among the real, my friend. Ghosts among the real.Oh my God. This made me cry like a girl. And I mean literally. I haven't felt that way before in all my years spent on reading various kinds of books: I was profoundly moved.It amazed me how David Cristofano got the courage to narrate a very similar story to his first; The Girl She Used to Be is merely the same as The Exceptions, the only comparable points being the narrators and the additional scenes. My God, this is one hell of a record-b [...]

    Kelly Moran

    This is a combination book review for THE GIRL SHE USED TO BE (2009) and THE EXCEPTIONS (2012). I've never done one of these duo reviews before, and honestly, probably won't again, but because these books go hand in hand, I feel it's necessary. These two books are not a series, mind you, but more like carbon-copy reflections of each other.The Girl She Used to Be:At age six, Melody Grace McCartney witnessed a violent crime, and after her parents testified against an infamous mafia family, they we [...]

    Julie Haydu

    I'd like to give it 3.5 but not 4. I expected this to be a sequel but really it was just a retelling of The Girl She Used to Be from John's point of view rather than much of a continuation of their story. So it felt like I already read this book.

    Cassandra Curiel

    10 out of 5 stars!!!!There is no possible way to review this book with a couple sentences so please bear with me and read it all. This book means the world to me!"When violence arrives, it rarely knocks."That's the first sentence and it was enough to make me forget my own name. This book is divided into 4 parts and of course, it starts off slow. Once you get past the first part Oh, god. Prepare yourself for an intense ride. I quickly learned that every word is crucial to the entire plot so the f [...]


    Written for: Beyond ReadingNB I didn't realize it was a his/her aspect series. I got the first book, though, and it has sort of a bum ending.Fantastic. Jonathan Bavaro spent years – twenty – watching and loving Melody Mccartney(though he didn't call it that), from a distance. The problem? He was cursed to only ever love her from afar by his mafia family who wants her dead.I don’t think I ever quite appreciated the romanticized violence I’d been reading as I did after I read The Exception [...]


    Absolutely hypnotic book! This is one that had me fixed in my recliner for the weekend and then when I wasn't, carrying the book around with me to the kitchen and pacing as I craved Italian food and the company of people on the North End of Boston. A rich and sumptuous read. David Cristofano knows his mafia and his art. He also seems to know a lot about the inner workings of the federal government. He's a master writer of the highest caliber.All the characters live and breathe in Mr. Cristofano' [...]


    In The Girl She Used To Be we get to hear Melody's story now in the follow up The Exceptions we get Johnny's side. What can I say the second I started reading David Cristofano had me hooked I loved his writing style and immediately fell in love with 10 year old Johnny when he first see's Melody. Melody has been put in witness protection program with her mother and father for seeing a crime commited by Johnny's father. Since then Johnathan has only wanted to protect her while his family has only [...]


    I read this book when it first came out in 2012 and gave it a pretty bad review. The reason I did that is because I was expecting this book to be a continuation of the previous book, The Girl She Used To Be, but it wasn't and I was annoyed that it was actually a rehash of the previous book but told from a different character's perspective. Fast forward to 2017 and I've just re-read The Exceptions. Actually it's a really good book and although it goes over familiar ground, this time I appreciated [...]

    Jessica Viteri

    "When violence arrives, it rarely knocks. It seldom taps you on the shoulder, suggests you get ready. It creates change with the most capable tools in the toolbox: confusion, humiliation, destruction. And its survivors are lucky to have coughed out a raspy I never saw it coming."In "The Girls She Used to Be", the story told in Melanie Grace McCartney's POV. In this sequel, we now have Jonathan Bovaro's. In the first book, we get the story through the eyes of the woman who for 20 years has had go [...]

    Patrice Hoffman

    *Won through giveaway*"Melody would give anything to be who she was meant to be, and I would give anything to be anyone but who I was meant to be."- One of the many quotes from this book that had me hooked. To say I liked this book is an understatement. It's well written, thought provoking, and superbly thrilling. I could not put this book down once I began. Jonathan Bovaro is ordered to tie up all loose ends and one of those loose ends is Melody Grace McCartney. Before long, Jonathan finds his [...]


    I absolutely loved this story. The author's storytelling is beyond superb. I really enjoyed "The Girl She Used to Be" by the same author. In fact, it made my favorite fiction list the year it came out. The cool thing was enough time had passed between my reading each of the stories that it felt like I began the story again from a totally different perspective. But this time it went way back to the beginning. In some ways I loved this book even more than the first. The ideal is to read both, but [...]

    Dana Delamar

    4.5 stars. I really loved Cristofano's "The Girl She Used to Be," so I just had to read "The Exceptions" to get Jonathan's side of the story. I thought Cristofano did a brilliant job of retelling the strange story of how Melody and Jonathan came together and still keeping it fresh for the reader. I very much enjoyed his characterizations of Jonathan's family and of mob life, though I felt it stretched credulity a bit that they let Jonathan give excuse after excuse for not killing Melody for that [...]


    Having read (and loved) David Cristofano's Book "The Girl She Used To Be" I was excited to learn about this book! Where The Girl She Used to Be was about Melody, a girl who was put into the Witness Protection Program after witnessing a crime. This book was from the perspective of Jonathan - the boy who indirectly put her there.A story that includes organized crime and the FBI - but was really about love and finding out who you are really supposed to be.The only downsideI don't think there will b [...]


    David Cristofano's 'The Girl She Used to Be' is in my top three favorite books of all time. I was reluctant to read this second one for fear that it would taint the first for me, but nothing could be further from the truth. As with 'The Girl,' my immediate reaction upon turning that last page is to start again at the beginning, to look more closely at how it was crafted, to experience it again. This book is phenomenal, and I loved it.

    Book Sp(l)ot

    The Exceptions is David Cristofano's second novel - and the sequel to The Girl She Used to Be released in March 2009 which I reviewed here. While The Girl She Used to Be told the tale of Melody Grace McCartney, a young woman who has spent her life in the Witness Protection Program after she and her family witnessed a mob crime when she was six-years-old. After numerous relocations she's in for yet another one, all becoming standard to Melody. What wasn't standard was the kidnapping.Or the man pe [...]


    Fantastic and Intense!Every once in a while you come across a book that just absolutley knocks your socks off. THE EXCEPTIONS was it for me! This is the story of Melody and Johnathan It's a story of love. It's a story of loyalty. It's a story of the ultimate sacrifice. And, it's something very special. As a result of a horrible case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Melody and her family end up in the Witness Protection Program and begin their run from Johnathan's mob family. Melody [...]


    I won this book through a giveaway. My first prize was a beautiful hardback book. Thank you, whoever you are that made this possible! I very much enjoyed this book. In fact, by the end I has enjoyed it more than i expected in the beginning. I had difficulty staying on the side of Jonathan and Melody in the beginning. In fact by the end of part one, I was so ready for Jonathan to stop whining and just kill the girl and get it over with. I felt sorry for his mafia don father. Clearly this was no [...]


    My husband loves the Dollar Tree; or The Tree as he affectionately calls it. He loves a good bargain and he loves a good book. This was one of his bargain book finds at The Tree. He is not content to have found a good book at a bargain price at his beloved Tree. He wants me to agree that shopping at the Tree is good so he declared this book to be the best he had read all year. He really built it up. I had to read it, there was never a doubt.It takes a while to rev up - but once it does I say it [...]

    Anna Berendzen

    I was lucky to receive this book through first-reads! I'm rating it separately fromThe Girl She Used to Bebecause by itself it is an amazing book and unlike many other series this book will not leave you confused if you don't start on the first book. Both of the books in the series are great but a portion of this book is the same conversations and plot, just from Jonathon's point of view this time which was mostly amazing but sometimes a bit repetitive.The Exceptionshas a lot more material to i [...]


    Love this book! The Exceptions is told from Jonathan's point of view. A majority of the book is a retelling of The Girl She Used to Be which to most might be redundant but I thoroughly loved reading it through Jonathan's eyes. You start to understand more deeply why he did the things he did and the story becomes full circle. You can read this book as a stand alone but I highly recommend reading The Girl She Use to Be prior to get a better understanding of the characters and how the story unfolds [...]


    What a great follow-up to his first novel! Love this local author!!!

    Karen McIntosh

    What an amazing read. This book kept me entranced to the very end.

    Raven R.

    This was atrocious. It was nothing but betrayal and stalking. I swear, how she fell in love with him, how she manipulated him, how he gave up his family all for some girl. It was horrible. I didn't enjoy a single bit, it was boring and repetitive. Melody was an idiot, Johnny was a weak willed moron who didn't have enough stones to do anything but follow a harmless girl around. Sean was a bastard. I did not enjoy this for one second.

    Wendy-ayn Coy

    I started listening to this as an audiobook and I went and purchased it because I couldn't wait to ride in the car again to listen to it. This is wonderfully well written with an engaging story. It kept me interested until the very end.

    Jodi Malec

    I wanted this to be a follow up to The Girl She Used to Be, however, I felt like I was re-reading it. I had to skip 3/4 of the way in to continue the story. This would be a great book on it's own.


    There were so many things about this book I disliked, it's hard to begin. First, a huge stylistic problem was that the majority of this novel was told in backstory, a straightforward and dry recounting of the actions the main character, Johnny Bovaro, takes over the course of about twenty years. Fifty pages of summary is excessive, but more than 150? It was plain torturous. If you look at the description of this book and think – understandably – that you’ll be in for action and nonstop, ju [...]


    Prelim Review: In The Girl She Used to Be, we read about Melody's flight to some form of safety through her eyes. She made a somewhat unreliable narrator at times, as prone as she was to being oblivious to some realities of her situation, but her story drew me in and intrigued me.Now in this, the sequel/companion to that novel, we see things from Jonathan Bovaro's viewpoint. We see their first meeting (long before Melody thinks it was), as he struggles to find a place within his family and witho [...]


    Thank you to NetGalley, Grand Central Publishing and David Cristofano for allowing me to read this before the publication date.This book follows the lives of two main characters: Jonathan Bovaro and Melody Grace McCartney. ‘Johnny’ feels trapped in his mafia family; his only path is one of violence and murder. Melody is a young witness to one of his father’s crimes and along with her mother and father, she is placed into the witness protection scheme. But is that enough protection? Johnny [...]


    A companion book to "The Girl She Used to Be" (which I enjoyed) - the whole story from another character's perspective. Some very strong reviews on this siteNAL UPDATEI really enjoyed this book. I read "The Girl She Used to Be" about a year and a half ago, so I didn't remember it well - there was no sense of covering overly familiar ground (I remembered the basics, but not the details). The story is deftly written, and the characters are very well drawn - I found myself thinking about them even [...]

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