Jun 06, 2020
Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars
Posted by Mark Gatiss

Hallowe en 1938.A year after a mysterious meteorite lit up the skies of New York state, Martian invaders laid waste to the nation At least, according to soon to be infamous Orson Welles they did But what if some of the panicked listeners to the legendary War of the Worlds broadcast weren t just imagining things Attempting to deliver Charley to her rendezvous in SingaporeHallowe en 1938.A year after a mysterious meteorite lit up the skies of New York state, Martian invaders laid waste to the nation At least, according to soon to be infamous Orson Welles they did But what if some of the panicked listeners to the legendary War of the Worlds broadcast weren t just imagining things Attempting to deliver Charley to her rendezvous in Singapore 1930, the Doctor overshoots a little, arriving in Manhattan just in time to find a dead private detective Indulging his gumshoe fantasies, the Doctor is soon embroiled in the hunt for a missing Russian scientist whilst Charley finds herself at the mercy of a very dubious Fifth Columnist.With some genuinely out of this world merchandise at stake, the TARDIS crew are forced into an alliance with a sultry dame called Glory Bee, Orson Welles himself and a mobster with half a nose known as The Phantom.And slowly but surely, something is drawing plans against them Just not very good onesChronological Placement This story takes place after the 1996 TV Movie.

  • Title: Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars
  • Author: Mark Gatiss
  • ISBN: 9781903654576
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Doctor Who Invaders from Mars Hallowe en A year after a mysterious meteorite lit up the skies of New York state Martian invaders laid waste to the nation At least according to soon to be infamous Orson Welles they did But w

    Christopher Buchanan

    A nice little bit of comedy, done up in the style of an old radio play. Quite a bit of fun. The Doctor has a lot of fun pretending to be a private dic and Charlie plays the femme fatale. There are some great names, some highly amusing over-the-top bad New York accents and just general old gangster story shenanigans. The tie in with Orson Wells and the ridiculous Martians were a lot of fun too. I really enjoyed this one. Very enjoyable if you don't try to take it serious.

    Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    I started groaning when I heard all the American accents in this one - all past Big Finish dramas set in America have been plagued with an array of preposterous accents, and this one is no exception. But the story drew me in. It's the sort of high concept thing you'd expect from Gatiss - what if real aliens were at large in October 1938, just as Orson Welles was terrorising hordes with his radio adaptation of 'The War of the Worlds'. It's also a nice way to nod at the power of a purely audio pre [...]

    A Bald Mage** Steve

    A clever story but the Aliens are a bit silly nice conclusion at the end 6/10

    Jacqueline O.

    Big Finish's audio CD, Invaders from Mars is one of my favorites of the Eighth Doctor range CDs that I've listened to. It features Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and India Fisher as Charley, with guest appearances by Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson. This is a full-cast audio play; with music, sound effects, and the actors performing their roles - it is not a audio book read by a celebrity.Although Charley has an appointment to make in Singapore 1930, the TARDIS lands her and the Doctor in New [...]


    Ottavo Dottore e Charlie, a New York, la notte in cui Orson Welles permise ai marziani di invadere la Terra.Prime due parti caotiche. Troppi personaggi, molti dalla parlata simile e con pochi stacchi da una scena all'altra.Quando, dalla terza parte, le cose si fanno più chiare la storia decolla ma ormai troppo tardi.


    Invaders From Mars is one of those rare 'backwards' Big Finish dramas. In a 'normal' BF, parts 1 and 2 are well-crafted and expertly draw the listener in. The trick with these dramas is that if part 3 doesn't deliver, the whole thing falls apart. 'Invaders' is different because parts 1 and 2 border on tedious and incomprehensible, but if you stick through to parts 3 and 4, your patience will be rewarded.Why was this a near-disaster? The first problem was too many threads to the story, too many c [...]


    Now, I'm not a fan of Charley Pollard, one of the 8th Doctor's companions so I've been reluctant to listen to audios featuring the Edwardian adventuress (I much prefer later companions Lucie Miller and Mary Shelley). But having said that, I did like Invaders from Mars. Though the idea wasn't entirely original - "hey, you know that event that happened and people thought it was real but it wasn't? Well." - it was an enjoyable romp and I liked that the actual aliens were quite comical.Simon Pegg an [...]


    An amusing conceit that's rendered much less than it could have been thanks to some truly dire American accents and an anachronism that jarred me -- there are multiple references to the CIA, which didn't exist at the time of this story (1938), coming into being in 1947 out of the remains of the OSS. If anything, the agency would have been the US Army Signals Intelligence Service -- however, in the context of this story the go-to agency would have been the FBI.


    The Doctor and Charlie land during a real alien invasion. At the same time, the infamous War of the Worlds is being broadcast on the radio. Fiction and fact collide. This is a clever piece, and has a few nice twists. Being a fan of War of the Worlds I really liked the connection it made with the radio series. A really good listen.

    Kelly McCubbin

    A nice idea really hampered by a confused sense of American culture. It's all over the place and thus loses what ought to have been the charm of 1930s radio drama.There's an interesting bit of foresight in the plot here, though, that shows that Big Finish is planning something bigger.Almost tossed off, note that Orson Wells doesn't recognize the name Shakespeare! It comes up later


    This was a bit of jolly good retro fun - the central conceit being that at the same time as the infamous Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast which really did terrify America, a real invasion was going on. Loved Glory Bee the femme fatale who engages the Doctor as a private investigator and Bix Biro dearie, dearie me. Plus Dick Barton-esque music. A bit hard to follow at times.


    Sheer brilliance! It is so rare for Paul's doctor to get a funny episode. This was proper pulp spoof. Normally bad American accents bother the hell out of me but in this it was perfect. Clearly a bit of an inspiration for Gattiss' later Lucius Box novels this got just about everything, aliens, russians, nazis, detectives and Orson Welles! There was some wonderful witty dialogue.

    Nicholas Whyte

    Brings Eight and Charley to New York in time for Orson Welles' famous 1938 broadcast, but, invitably, getting caught up in a real alien invasion threat. Some gloriously funny roles, including the bickering between the aliens, but all done with great conviction.


    In Manhattan 1938, the Eighth Doctor and Charley meet a crooked gangster, a Russian spy, a sinister fifth columnist and Orson Welles. Welles's broadcast of War of the Worlds is just a story, but maybe there really are aliens at loose.

    Noah Soudrette

    This audio is brilliant fun and probably the best 8th Doc audio in the range so far. We get Russians, Nazis, aliens, homosexuals, Orson Wells and private dicks. This is really the perfect backdrop for an audio. I mean, what could be better than the most famous radio broadcast of all time?

    Yosef Shapiro

    This episode is set during Orson Well's infamous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. The only catch is a real alien invasion is going on during the show. It was an amusing story. The American accents were terrible. But enjoyable overall.


    Another "What if Orson Wells' War of the Worlds was about real alien invaders" story. Eighth Doctor and Charley wind up in 1930's New York to experience the mass hysteria firsthand. Does not actually involve the Ice Warriors. Pity.


    It started out a little silly but it redeemed itself in the end.

    Debra Cook

    I loved this. It was hysterical and incredible to listen to. An actual alien encounter happening at the same time Orson Welles is doing War of the Worlds and causing a stir in the nation. Fantastic.

    Mary Smithz

    "I do it for Mother Russia!" LOL

    Mike Jozic

    Clever ending but overall a weak effort.


    On my second listen, my rating went up from 1 to 3 stars. Don't know why. First time, I really disliked it. Second time, I was giggling all the way through. A very silly (in a good way) adventure.


    Clever. Enjoyable drama.


    Definitely not my favourite Eight audio, but it definitely has some moments that make it worth listening to.

    Sara Habein

    I quite like War of the Worlds, so combining it into this story was fun.


    Invaders from Mars has a great comedy cast so it is a little surprising that while it is a very enjoyable gangster and film noir pastiche, the piece is far from Gatiss' funniest Who work.What makes it work though is the sheer ingenuity and fun of its concept. The piece plays brilliantly off the idea of an alien invasion happening concurrently with the infamous Mercury Theater radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, finding inventive ways to bring that background into the body of the story.As was c [...]


    Having an actual alien invasion happening during the Orson Welles War Of The Worlds broadcast is a mighty fine idea and well executed by Mark Gatiss. HOWEVER, with Big Finish's usual lack of subtlety when it comes to American accents, this one barely earns three stars. Imagine an army of over the top James Cagney 1930s New York gangsters and then exaggerate the accents even further and over use the slang of the period to a caricaturish extent and you have Invaders From Mars. I'm only up to #28 n [...]

    Jadetyger Sevea

    I wanted to like this, I truly did. There was quite a bit of fun dialogue. Orson Welles' reading of The War of the Worlds could have made for an excellent Who story, full of atmosphere and just a dash of horror.This is not that story. Instead, Gatiss throws everything but the kitchen sink into the plot. It's as if he pulled out an encyclopedia and made a list. America in the 30's:Gangsters? Check.Nazis? Check.Russians? Check. Bad accents? Check.Throw in some Martians-who-are-not Martians, a comp [...]

    Laura Naysmith

    Mark Gatiss did a superb job of writing this I adored the idea of setting it at the same time of the Orson Wells infamous war of the worlds broadcast but actually having an actual alien invasion at the same time. I loved the nods to classic detectives from that era and I particularly enjoyed the voice acting of the gangsters, if this was set in the present day I would have hated it but the accents and voice characterisations were spot on for that time period ( story wise anyway, I don't know wha [...]


    Still really loving all of these audio plays. The story in this one's a bit on the silly side but it didn't bother me in the least. It seemed more tongue-in-cheek than anything else. And an sweet ode to SF giant HG Wells and his WAR OF THE WORLDS. I think maybe only complaint would be that the voice actor playing Orson Welles didn't try very hard to sound much like him. Orson Welles was very, very, very famous for his very unique, distinctive and distinguished voice. When you hear it, you know w [...]

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